Fix Ntoskrnl.exe High Memory and CPU Usage in Windows 10

Sometimes the Windows 10 task manager shows you that the Ntoskrnl.exe system process uses high memory and CPU usage or sometimes even BSOD problems in Windows 10. To make matters worse, your PC will freeze or crash due to ntosktnl.exe error, not limited for high memory and CPU usage, disk usage ntoskrnl.exe al 100% it is not uncommon.

How to fix Ntoskrnl.exe high CPU and memory usage?

With deep investigation, this post will introduce you how to get rid of high memory and disk usage by ntoskrnl.exe, you need to take some steps to free up memory, CPU storage and fix the corrupted or problem applications or files in Windows. 10.


Solution 1: Run the Windows Performance Troubleshooter

Within Windows systems, there is a performance troubleshooter, which is dedicated to detecting what is affecting your computer’s performance, including disk, memory, and CP usage. Try to make the most of it to see what causes high CPU and memory usage of ntosktnl.exe Windows 10.

At the command prompt with administrative privileges, copy and paste the command msdt.exe /id PerformanceDiagnosti to activate the PC performance troubleshooter.

Once you show what causes Windows 10 to freeze and stuck on ntoskrnl.exe with high memory and high CPU or disk usage, move on to fix ntoskrnl CPU usage issue.

Solution 2 – Disable startup settings

Many users like to allow some programs to start since the computer has just logged on. However, it may bring a lot of memory or disk usage in Windows 10. In this circumstance, try your best to disable some startup settings.

1. Click with the button right in Beginning and select Task Manager between these options.

2. On the tab Beginning , right-click on the software or programs you want to disable while the PC session starts.

To fix the memory leak and high CPU usage issue caused by the Ktoskrnl.exe process, you need to do more than disable some startup settings.

Solution 3 – Update device drivers

As it shows that driver incompatibility can be a main reason why you encountered memory leak and high disk usage issue in Windows 10. You could also update all of them to fix this disk issues.

But, as far as you know, updating all drivers can be quite troublesome and time consuming, so here you might as well use driver booster . It can be a great help for you if you want to download all drivers for Windows 10 to fix high CPU and disk usage caused by ntoskrnl.exe system. With Driver Booster, you can update drivers very quickly and without any hassle.

one. Download driver booster on Windows 10.

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2. After installing and launching it, click Scan to search for problematic drivers.

Then, from the scan result, you can apparently see which drivers are missing, which drivers are corrupted, and which drivers need to be updated.

3. can update now to update all these drivers once and for all.

When Driver Booster downloaded and updated drivers for you, you will find that your computer works better without any issues as ntoskrnl.exe has removed memory, CPU or disk usage from Windows 10.

When Driver Booster downloads and updates drivers for you, you find that your computer not only runs better, but also has more disk storage in Windows 10.

Solution 4 – Disable Windows Search service

Since you have encountered the problem with high CPU and disk usage in Windows 10, either when you find it in task manager or you can’t perform any application as it is in full disk and CPU storage, the Windows search can be an undeniable cause of this disk problem. If you don’t need it, choose to disable it when necessary.

1. Press Windows + R to enter the box Run .

2. Enter services.msc in the frame. and do click in Accept to navigate to the window Services .

3. Scroll down to search Windows Search and then right click to open your Properties .

4. On the tab general , look for the start type and choose disabled . then do click in Accept .

Under this circumstance, when you restart your PC, Windows Search it will not start running on Windows 10. And if it is the case, you will find that it has temporarily resolved the high memory and CPU usage issues.

Solution 5: End the Execution Agent task

People say that Runtime Broker , a system process that would take up too much memory, sometimes even runs out of RAM when there are faulty apps in Windows 10. Consequently, when you open task manager and check the speed that Runtime Broker has occupied in CPU usage. You can choose to stop working to save more space to resolve high memory and CPU usage issues.

1. Right click on Task Manager on the menu Beginning .

2 in processes , I searched Runtime Broker and right click to finish the task .

It may be a good option for some Windows 10 customers to disable the Runtime Broker task for Windows 10. But what if it doesn’t fix your memory and CPU storage issue?

Solution 6 – Uninstall Inconsistent Apps

In some conditions, you noticed Ntoskrnl high CPU appears shortly after a certain program is installed in Windows 10, if it is the case, you may need to uninstall the incompatible programs to avoid high disk usage hogging by it.

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1. Open the Dashboard .

2. Search programs and characteristics in the Control Panel search box, and then go to the Programs and Features window.

3. Then in Programs and characteristics , locate the software and right-click to uninstall .

4. Restart Windows 10 for it to take effect if possible.

Once the incompatible program is removed from your PC, you can check in take manager if the ntoskrnl.exe high CPU usage persists.

Solution 7 – Run the development image service and management

As you were introduced, Ntoskrnl.exe is one of the files. So, as your PC ran into high CPU usage and memory leak issues caused by this ntoskrnl.exe, then make use of the built-in DISM tool in Windows 10 to fix system file corruption and offer services for Windows images online and offline.

1. Open the symbol of system from the search box.

Here you need to right-click on the best matching result to Execute as an administrator .

2. In the symbol of the system , enter the command as shown below.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup Image /Restorehealth

Then press Enter to run this command.

Tips: When you run this command, but to find it, it gives you files that need to fix system corruption when the windows updates are not available, perhaps you are supposed to copy and paste the following command to activate a Windows installation as repair tool.

DISM.exe /Online /CleanupImage /RestoreHealth /Source: C:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess

Perhaps when you have run this command several times, Windows 10 will no longer have the high disk and memory issue.

Solution 8: Run System File Checker

System File Checker is a Windows 10 utility used to check for damaged files. Provided you have taken the above solution but to no avail, you can access the SFC tool in Windows 10 to fix this file caused CPU storage problem in Windows 10.

1. Open the symbol of the system and choose Execute as an administrator .

2. Run the command sfc /scannow at the command prompt.

pressing enter , the SFC tool would start scanning for corrupted files in Windows 10.

This System File Checker tool will scan all files in Windows 10, so it will take some time to finish this process. Maybe at some point, it will be able to detect the corrupted ntoskrnl.exe and thus solve the CPU and memory issues.

Solution 9: Change the ClearPageFileAtShutDown data

Now that it is the Ntoskrnl.exe that is causing the high CPU and memory usage issue on your PC, if all the methods are useless for you, what you can do is to delete all the data in the file when you close Windows 10.

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1. Open Run box with the combination of keys Windows + R .

2. Enter regedit in the box and do click in Accept to enter the Registry Editor .

3. Go to the route:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager Memory Management

4. in memory management , I searched ClearPageFileAtShutDown .

5. Click with the right click on ClearPageFileAtShutDown for Modify his value .

6. Change the ClearPageFileAtShutDown value data to .

Restart your computer and your PC might delete all corrupted files like ntodkrnl.exe. Under this circumstance, you can see your high memory or disk and CPU usage disappeared in Windows 10.

Solution 10 – Perform a clean boot on Windows 10

Regarding the CPU high memory or storage problem, clean boot can be a good solution. Unlike safe mode, if you put your computer in a clean start , it will work with minimal drivers and startup software that can determine if the ntoskrnl.exe generates high CPU and memory usage in Windows 10.

In a word, from this post, you can always find a way to fix high CPU and disk usage issue for Windows 10 as long as you are able to keep patience. While since he couldn’t use some ways to solve it, wait for close windows tips or disable super fetch may be the protector for you.

What is Ntoskrnl.exe in Windows 10?

For most of you, Ktoskrnl.exe is quite strange to you, but for the purpose of fixing this memory leak and high disk storage issue, please follow this post patiently. Normally, you can see the Ntoskrnl.exe on the tab details of the system .

Ktoskrnl.exe, short for the kernel of the Windows NT operating system, is responsible for various system services, such as process and memory management and hardware virtualization. However, sometimes the Ktoskrnl.exe will slow down Windows 10 by consuming RAM and CPU.

Why might Ntoskrnl.exe cause high memory and CPU usage?

You may have little idea about how the memory was processed in Windows 10. It starts whenever the RAM retrieves the loaded task. And then the CPU will decode it and transmit it to memory. The whole encoding and decoding process would involve CPU, HDD and Solid State Drive etc.

But unlike Windows 7 or 8, Windows 10 favors speed at the expense of memory for Ktoskrnl.exe is the process that uses compressed memory to run tasks and to compensate if physical memory has run out.

However, this compressed memory puts a lot of pressure on the CPU. And this is why Ntoskrnl.exe system would make your PC high memory and CPU usage in Windows 10.

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