Fix Windows Update Stuck error

The updates are an essential part of using any OS . This is because the updates provide improvisation for the overall operation and security of the system. You should always make sure that your computer is always updated on a regular basis. But, What if when you try to update your pc and it gets stuck? This could be the worst case. In this post, I will report on one such case, the windows update stuck error . I will guide you through methods to fix it too. Just pay close attention to this article and you will be able to update your PC, in case it is stuck.

This article will help you in cases where your Windows update is stuck at 0 or 99 or when Windows update is bad on download!

Introduction: Windows Update Stuck Error

The service of windows update it works silently in the background, but you can deny continuing if you can’t install an individual update. This scenario can happen in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10, but it is a very common scene in Windows 10 on these days. When this happens, sometimes updates fail, or sometimes Windows Update can get stuck “Looking for updates” to infinity.

Note: Windows updates are essential. No matter what issues you are having, we recommend keeping automatic updates turned on – it’s one of the best ways to stay safe from ransomware and other threats. If you disable automatic updates, you are becoming very prone to further attacks.

Windows Update Stuck error could occur on any version of Windows due to different reasons. In general, the Username Windows 10 faces this error Windows 10 update due to various reasons such as registry corruption, installation of corrupt updates, viruses and malware, or even a bad internet connection. This is why I suggest that you make sure you have a good internet connection before moving to correct the error.

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Fix Windows Update Stuck Error

Here is a list of 5 ways in that experts test, test and prove that they work effectively against this bug. You can try them one after another until you reach the other side of the river. After completing all of this, you will surely be able to update Windows without experiencing the Windows Update Stuck error.

1. Inspect the Windows Update Utility to fix Windows Update stuck at 0

On Windows 10, You can access the page of Windows update starting the application Setting from the start menu and clicking on Update and security. If there is something wrong here and Windows knows what it is, then you should check the details here. However, sometimes you will only see a message telling you to try the update again at a different time. Also, if you click “Advanced Options” and then in «See your update history»you can view recently installed updates that were successful and uninstall some or all of them. However, remember that this can be a useful troubleshooting option. Windows 10 has effectively simplified the update process, so you should see fewer errors.

2. Use the Troubleshooter to fix Windows 10 update stuck at 99

Microsoft realizes its suffering. You know that the update process can cause problems from time to time. That is why you have developed a troubleshooting program specifically for him. Search in the old control Panel for the “Problem resolution”, then choose “Fix problems with Windows Update” from the list present on the screen. The link Help and support too It should be available on Windows 7 and 8. Just remember, if you haven’t upgraded to Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS yet, then it’s probably worth it, as it will more than likely solve your upgrade problems at the same time.

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3. Use System Restore to go back in time

Many times Windows updates crash 99% or many times Windows updates crash while installing the update. Well, system restore can help you in such a case.

Restore system It is very useful for troubleshooting Windows from the start, but it is quite well hidden in Windows 10 . You don’t have to worry though as you have an experienced guide in me. Go to Control Panel , System , System protection and then click Restore system . Just go to the wizard, then select «Show more restore points» to see all available options. Now, choose a time and dateof your choice, then complete the wizard to return to Windows settings at that point. This procedure will not affect your personal files or programs, but may not be available based on your original Windows settings.

4. Use Safe Mode to Fix Windows Update Stuck on Installation

This mrthod can be really helpful to fix Windows Update Stuck on download problem.

Safe mode can be seen as a reboot with extras. In this mode, only very basic applications and code that Windows requires to run are loaded into memory, so there is an even less chance that a conflict or corrupted file will interfere with the update. On Windows 10 , press and hold Shift key and then select Power on and reboot at the Windows login screen. On the next screen you will see, select Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, Startup Settings, and then Restart. You should now see the Safe Mode option appear. After starting Windows in safe mode, try running the update process again. If you have an older version of Windows, Google will give you the Safe Mode instructions.

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5. ClearWindows Update Cache

This is the ultimate solution for you if none of the methods worked. In this, you stop the Windows Update service, delete the temporary files it created, and then start Windows Update again. The method is a bit longer compared to the previous ones, so I will divide it into two parts: (i) Use command prompt and (ii) Use File Explorer . This will make the process very easy.

Part (i) Use command prompt

First of all, you need to start Windows in Safe Mode using the procedure mentioned above (Method 4) . Now go to the command prompt. Accessible right clicking at start menu and then selecting Command Prompt (Administrator) . In the command prompt box, type “Net stop wuauserv” and press Get in. Then follow that with “Network stop bits” and press Enter again.

Part (ii) Use File Explorer

Now open the File Browser and navigate to the following path: C: Windows SoftwareDistribution. Next, remove everything you find in this folder. These are just temporary files that Windows creates so you won’t have a problem deleting them, and Windows Update will create them again. Finally, go back to the command prompt window and repeat the first part . Writes “Net start wuauserv” and press Enter , then write “Net start bits” and press Enter . This is necessary to run Windows Update and its related background services again.


These were the 5 effective ways from fix the dreaded Windows Update Stuck error . For any query, doubt or suggestion, feel free to comment in the section of Comments to continuation. I hope I have helped you to be able to update your Windows again and solve the Windows Update Stuck error.

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