Fixed: AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot start Windows 10

As long as you are using AMD Catalyst Control Center (AMD CCC) in Windows 10, there will be a Catalyst Control Center program embedded in your PC.

But you can often bump into AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using the Control Center. Windows 10 or sometimes can also be plagued by Catalyst Control Center will not open error. In this case, it is impossible for AMD Catalyst to run well on Windows 10.

As for why Windows 10 occurs when ATI Catalyst Control Center not working, the main cause is due to corrupted or outdated display driver in Windows 10. This is how this post will help you with your AMD Catalyst Control Center error.

How to fix AMD Catalyst Control Center can’t start on Windows 10?

It is said that even when the Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, there is no configuration error in the AMD Catalyst Control Center application. The real reason for AMD control panel not working issue is the graphics card driver on your PC. and it makes sense enter safe mode to detect what causes AMD Catalyst Control Center not to open in Windows 10.

On that occasion, go as this article teaches you to resolve ATI Catalyst Install Manager cannot start, cannot configure settings in Windows 10.


Solution 1 – Uninstall the AMD Catalyst Control Center application

No matter you are meeting with AMD Radeon Catalyst Control or AMD Catalyst is missing or failed to start, you may take efforts to uninstall Catalyst Control Center in Control Panel and then reinstall it in Windows 10.

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If the new AMD Catalyst Control Center can open successfully and start as usual, obviously the Catalyst Control Center not working is caused by the AMD Catalyst app in Windows 10.

1. Open the Dashboard .

2 in the Dashboard , try View by category and search Uninstall a program in programs .

3. Then in the window Programs and characteristics , search for the app AMD Catalyst Control Center and right click to uninstall it .

Here the AMD Catalyst application can be AMD Catalyst Install Manager or the AMD software .

4. Reboot your PC for it to take effect.

5. When the computer starts up again, navigate to the amd official site to download the AMD Control Center app for Windows 10.

This time, you may find that AMD Catalyst Control Center not opening in Windows 10 has been resolved as the newly installed ATI Catalyst Installation Manager is congruent with Windows 10 and can work fine as you want. But if you get stuck on AMD Catalyst Control Center not installing, try installing it more times.

Solution 2 – Update AMD Catalyst driver to resolve Catalyst Control Center not working with Windows 10

It is a common phenomenon that you do not find no AMD driver installed on Windows 10. AMD driver error can appear at any time, so there are chances that Windows 10 AMD Catalyst driver is corrupted, outdated or even corrupted on your PC. In turn, AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, and there are currently no settings that can be configured with Catalyst Control Center Windows 10.

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Anyway, it is also urgent for you to take steps to uninstall and then reinstall the latest AMD display driver for your PC, such as AMD Radon HD Drivers.

1. Go to Device administrator .

2 in Device Manager , locate and expand the Display adapters and then right click on the AMD display driver to uninstall the device .

3. Then confirm to uninstall the AMD Catalyst driver.

In Device Manager, you can temporarily disable AMD driver, to completely uninstall AMD Catalyst driver from Windows 10, you need to link to Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Programs and characteristics > uninstall .

Here, once you found that Device Manager cannot find the latest AMD Radon Driver for Windows 10, please try to use another way to finish that.

In order to save time and energy, it is advisable to make full use of the professional tool driver booster to help update Windows 10 AMD Catalyst driver automatically. It will also check if any drivers are missing or faulty.

one. Download Driver Booster in Windows 10 and then install it, run it.

2. Press Scan to allow Driver Booster to scan for problematic drivers such as outdated or missing AMD driver.

3. Then discover the Display adapters and decide to update .

Once the AMD Catalyst driver is updated, please open the AMD Catalyst Control Center to see if it can open and work on Windows 10. Here you can try to navigate to the AMD site to get it. Under numerous users, Windows 10 graphics driver update is quite necessary as it can be extremely helpful to fix AMD Catalyst Control Center error.

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Solution 3: Run ccc2_install

Usually there will be a file called ccc2_install stored in AMD files. According to some users, launching this file may to some extent cause AMD Catalyst Control Center to open and start in Windows 10.

1. Find the File Browser in the search box and then press enter to open it.

2. In the File Browser , go the route: My PC > local disk C > Program files > amd > CCC2 > Install .

3. Then you will see ccc2_install . Try double clicking to run it on Windows 10.

When you run ccc2_install, you can see that the AMD Catalyst Control Center cannot be started, the error is gone from Windows 10, and this AMD software can start and work as usual.

What is the AMD Catalyst Control Center?

This AMD Catalyst Control Center is one of the parts of AMD Catalyst software. Powered by ATI technology, AMD Catalyst was previously called ATI Catalyst and was used to improve video performance through some optimization options. AMD Catalyst Control Center works primarily for Radeon video cards.

Especially for gamers, you can also fix this AMD Catalyst Control Center not opening and can’t be started as soon as possible as it will affect the performance of the game.

Generally, you will find answers on how to open and open AMD CCC in Windows 10 if you can refer to the above solutions carefully.

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