Fixed: Damaged hardware bad page blue screen in Windows 10

The blue screen always appears suddenly when you are editing a document, downloading an application, watching a TV show, or right after you turn on your computer.

Bad hardware faulty page is a common problem in blue screen of death errors. When this problem occurs, you will get a blue screen showing a message like » Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We are just collecting error information and then we will restart it (0% complete) FAULTY_HARDWARE-CORRUPTED_PAGE «.

The reasons for this problem are several. For example, it can be caused by old or incompatible drivers or faulty Ram. Based on its origins, there are six solutions to solve it.


Solution 1 – Enter Safe Mode

Many of you are stuck on blue screen of death due to HP/Dell/Lenovo faulty hardware page in Windows 10. You are unable to start the system and do anything in Windows 10, let alone fix this blue screen error.

So, before you dive into this faulty hardware BSOD page, you need to completely shut down your PC by pressing the power button and then go to safe mode from the beginning. Only when you log into Windows 10 can you try ways to resolve and then get rid of this Windows 10 stop code error.

After entering safe mode, you can fix if the driver or memory or file problem is what is causing the bad hardware page BSOD in Windows 10.

Solution 2 – Turn off fast startup

Disabling fast startup works in many cases. Fast Startup can help your computer start up faster while creating problems at the same time. You can disable it by following these steps:

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1. Click on the key Windows and write Control Panel in the search box. Select the search result.

2. Choose View by small icons and then select Energy options .

3. Select change what the power buttons do in the left pane.

4. Choose Change the settings that are currently available .

4. Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) . Then click Save Changes .

Then restart your computer and see if the problem is gone.

Solution 3 – Update all drivers

To fix the problem, you need to update your drivers, especially the display driver. Take display drivers as an example, and there are three methods to update the driver.

Option 1: Update drivers via Device Manager

1. Right-click on the start menu and select Device administrator .

2. Expand Display adapters and right-click on the display adapter. choose update driver .

3. Select Automatically search for updated driver software .

It will then search for and install the new version display adapter driver for you.

If you can’t find the latest version, you can choose the following two options.

Option 2 : download and update by Driver Booster

driver booster is a professional tool that can help you download and install updated or missing drivers. You can use this software to update all drivers including graphics driver in several simple steps. In this way, the faulty hardware page stuck in Windows 10 will be fixed more easily.

1. Download and install driver booster On your computer.

2. Run Driver Booster and choose Scan .

It will then scan all your device drivers and tell you how many of them need to be updated and how many are missing.

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3. Find the graphics drivers in the list and click Update .

4. Or you can choose Update Now to update all device drivers in Windows 10.

Then you can see Driver Booster has updated all drivers automatically. If possible, the next time you start your PC or install something, there won’t be a faulty blue screen of death on the hardware page.

Option 3: Download and update from the official website

You can first find the information about your graphics driver in Device Manager. And then search for the corresponding driver on the manufacturer’s official website according to the information. After downloading the driver, follow the installation wizard to install the driver.

Solution 4: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic and SFC

The blue screen error might be caused by issues with your hardware memory or corrupted system files. You can run Windows Memory Diagnostic and SFC to check and fix the problem.

Run Windows Memory Diagnostics:

1. Press the key Windows and the key R to open Run . Scribe mdsched.exe in the box and do click in Accept .

2. Choose Reboot now and check for problems (recommended) .

After that, your computer will boot up and check for memory problems automatically. And this process will take about 15 minutes.

Run System File Checker:

3. Write cmd in the search box next to the Start menu. Right-click Command Prompt and choose Execute as an administrator .

4. Write sfc /scannow and then click the key enter .

After completing this process, check if your issue is resolved.

Solution 5: Update the Intel Management Engine interface

The Intel Management Engine Interface (IMEI, formerly known as HECI) is the interface between the host and Intel ME. An outdated or corrupted IMEI driver may cause your problem. You can fix your problem by updating your driver.

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Option 1: Update IMEI driver using Device Manager

1. Go to Device administrator > system devices > Intel Management Engine Interface .

2. Right-click on Intel Management Engine Interface and choose update driver .

3. Choose Automatically search for updated driver software .

You can then follow the instructions to install a new version of the IMEI driver.

Option 2 – Download and Update IMEI Driver via Driver Booster

1. Download and install driver booster .

2. Run driver booster and click Scan > Update to update the IMEI driver.

After updating the IMEI driver, the 100% faulty hardware page will not appear again.

Solution 6 – Check for Windows 10 updates

You can also try to update Windows 10 system as some of you encountered this 100% blue screen bad hardware page after Windows 10 updates. It makes sense that your blue screen of death is a result of corruption or system errors, so you’d better check if Microsoft has released any update package to fix this system error.

1. Go to Beginning > Setting > Update and security .

2 in Windows Update , press Search for updates .

If there are any updates, Windows 10 will install for you. Perhaps the new updates can better fix the faulty hardware page blue screen in Windows 10. If not, you may have to reset windows 10 to get out of the blue screen.

If FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE appears when you use your computer, you can try the solutions given above to fix your problem. I hope they can help you with this problem.

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