Fixed: GeForce Experience Won’t Open Windows 10

NVIDIA GeForce Experience not opening or working properly is common for gamers, especially when you just upgraded to Windows 10.

When you try to start your Xbox one game GeForce Experience something went wrong, please try restarting GeForce Experience on Windows 10. Or sometimes, you also come across games that stutter . Under these circumstances, you can’t do anything to get back to normal. Perhaps this post can be helpful.

When it comes to what causes GeForce Experience, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application and corrupted or incompatible graphics card driver are the culprits.

Based on discussing the reasons why you can’t open GeForce Experience on Windows 10, here comes the effective solutions.

How to fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience won’t open issue on Windows 10?

When reinstalling the GeForce Experience app and reinstalling the NVIDIA graphics card driver, you may not encounter NVIDIA GeForce Experience opening but nothing in Windows 10.

Solution 1 – Uninstall and update NVIDIA driver

As the display card is closely associated with the performance of the game, you are supposed to reinstall the video card driver for Windows 10 and then check if the new display driver can cause GeForce Experience not to open and disappear from your computer. PC.

In case the outdated or corrupt graphics driver causing GeForce Experience not to open in Windows 10, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver after that.

Uninstall NVIDIA graphics card driver:

1. Go to Device administrator .

2. Expand Display adapters and then right-click on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX driver for uninstall the device .

3. Confirm for uninstall Windows 10 display driver.

Here, if you noticed that Device Manager was unable to completely uninstall your graphics card driver, you can also head to the Control Panel > Uninstall a program > programs > Programs and characteristics .

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Then in Programs and characteristics find your graphics driver and then right click to uninstall it .

After restarting Windows 10, the video card driver will leave your PC forever.

Now get ready to update NVIDIA GeForce driver in order to fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience not working on Windows 10.

Update NVIDIA driver:

In a sense, downloading and installing the graphics driver from the NVIDIA official site on your own can be a bit of a hassle.

Here driver booster It gets right into the game by virtue of its 3 million+ driver database and powerful Game Support and Game Boost features. Since NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a game, you’d better take advantage of Driver Booster to update display drivers automatically and then fix GeForce Experience not opening issue.

one. Download install and then run Driver Booster on Windows 10.

2. Under Driver Booster, tap Scan to let Driver Booster search for missing, outdated, corrupted or even damaged drivers.

Here, if NVIDIA GeForce Experience something went wrong from missing or incompatible graphics driver, Driver Booster will prompt and ask you to update NVIDIA graphics card driver.

3. Discover the Display adapters in which is the NVIDIA driver click on Update .

4. Then scroll down to identify the game support and press Update to update it too.

5. The reinforcement panel controller left click on the boost icon and later Activate the game support .

When Driver Booster completes NVIDIA GeForce driver update or boost gaming performance, you can also open NVIDIA GeForce Experience to see updated graphics driver is installed on your PC and you can run your game normally as GeForce Experience is not resolved Windows 10

Now you can see the updated graphics driver is installed on your PC and you can run your game normally as GeForce Experience is not resolved for Windows 10.

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Solution 2 – Restart the NVIDIA GeForce Experience service on Windows 10

As long as you have an NVIDIA GeForce Experience installed on your computer, there will be a service that controls privileges when you play games, for example, some tasks in GeForce Experience may need some special rights to run on Windows 10.

In this regard, it is very necessary for you to restart this service to resolve GeForce Experience will not start with Windows error.

1. Press Windows + R the combination key to open the box Run and then write services.msc in the frame. Finally do click in Accept to open the window Services .

2. In the window Services scroll down to locate the Service NVIDIA GeForce Experience and then right click to restart it .

3. Go back to the Services window, locate and right-click on NVIDIA Telemetry Container to open your Properties .

4. in NVIDIA Telemetry Container Properties , on the tab Log in choose configure Log in as: Local System Account .

5. Under the general file, locate Service Status and then manage to beginning NVIDIA telemetry container if it has not been started yet.

6. Press Apply Y Accept to save the changes.

7. Services of Exit .

Note: What does the NVIDIA Telemetry Container do?

This NVIDIA telemetry wrapper is relevant to the NVIDIA graphics card in charge of automatic updating, overclocking programs, and process monitoring. It won’t matter if you choose to enable or disable it in Windows 10. But when something went wrong with NVIDIA GeForce Experience, you’re supposed to launch it.

At this time, you will be able to open and play GeForce Experience smoothly on Windows 10. There will be no more NVIDIA GeForce Experience won’t open on your PC.

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Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience software

Lastly, now that GeForce Experience is not starting, you can try to remove it from Windows 10 and then download NVIDIA GeForce from NVIDIA site. This is because application corruption can lead to issues with GeForce Experience Windows 10.

Now try uninstalling GeForce Experience in Control Panel if the above ways did not fix GeForce Experience not working.

1. Open the Dashboard .

2.Determine Uninstall a program in programs .

Here if you can’t find Uninstall a program in Control Panel interface, you can also choose View by category .

3. Then in the window Programs and characteristics locate the GeForce Experience app and right click to uninstall it .

4. Restart Windows 10 for it to take effect.

You will now have successfully uninstalled the non-working NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Proceed to install a new one online.

5. Navigate to nvidia site for to download NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

just press Download to get the game you want.

What is the NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

Developed by NVIDIA Corporation, GeForce Experience works in conjunction with the GeForce GTX graphics card. In detail, NVIDIA GeForce Experience makes sure your drivers are up to date, improves game performance by adjusting game settings, and lets you share great gaming moments with your friends.

From this perspective, you’d better resolve NVIDIA GeForce Experience won’t open in Windows 10 as soon as possible.

To make a summary, whenever you find Windows 10 GeForce Experience not working, these ways in this article are available and helpful to deal with your gaming problem.

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