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Fixed: Mail app not syncing on Windows 10

Sometimes you need to save the old emails from the mail app, but when you want to, your PC reminds you that the Windows 10 mail app won’t sync . Therefore, the mail is not synchronized when you want to receive the emails from the account.

Mail app won’t sync

Also, the mail app has not synced error can be accompanied by Mail and Calendar not working or Mail app not opening Windows 10, which can be quite frustrating.

The automatic syncing of Windows 10 Mail apps is said to be a wonderful feature and many people have already taken it for granted in their daily lives.

Therefore, once there are sync issues in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps, you may feel a lot of inconvenience. As if the Mail app couldn’t sync in Windows 10, Mail will tell you that we found nothing to display here.

Based on this Mail app sync error, this thread will carefully describe how to sync your mail properly in Windows 10 and how to fix Windows 10 Mail app not syncing.

How to solve Mail app not syncing on Windows 10?

Regarding the Windows 10 Mail app not automatically syncing, the main causes are mailbox sync settings and obstacles from third-party antivirus software.

These factors are what this post will consider to resolve Windows 10 Mail not receiving emails due to not sync issue.


Solution 1 – Enable Mail Settings in Windows 10

Only when you have mastered the trick of syncing emails in Mail, you can easily deal with this Mail app sync issue.

But first of all, you need to learn how to activate Mail and Calendar before doing emails in Mail sync on Windows 10.

1. Navigate to Start > Setting > Privacy .

2. Then in contacts locate Mail and Calendar and then decide to turn it on .

You need to move the slider to the right to activate the Mail app.

3. in Calendar I searched Mail and Calendar again and choose Activate .

All done, you can check if you can sync emails in Mail app. In other words, it’s predictable that the Windows Mail app hasn’t synced disappeared.

If the Mail app is still not synced in Windows 10, dig deeper to change the mailbox sync settings in Mail settings.

Solution 2: Change mailbox sync settings for the Mail app

In addition to enabling the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 privacy settings, you also need to set up to sync emails in Mail settings.

This can be useful for users who didn’t sync with the Mail app, so Windows 10 Mail doesn’t sync or work automatically.

1. Sign in to the mail app with your Microsoft account or any other available account.

Here, if you have a Yahoo, iCloud account, you can also sign in to these accounts in Mail.

2. In the left pane of the Mail interface, click Setting .

3. Then choose Manage accounts in the right pane of the Mail app.

after pressing Manage accounts select the account you are using.

4. Then in the window Account settings click on Change mailbox sync settings .

This is the option to sync your contents.

5. After that decide to download new content when items arrive download email from any moment and activate the sync options .

Lastly, do click on Ready to finish this operation.

This time you will be able to resolve Windows 10 Mail app not syncing and sometimes you can’t even open Mail app.

Here, in addition to opening the sync options in the mail app, you can also try delete account from this device to see if it can fix the mail sync problem in Windows 10.

Solution 3 – Uninstall third-party antivirus software

Usually, when any change occurs in Windows 10, your security, third-party, or built-in app will automatically prevent you from doing so, for example by preventing you from syncing emails in the Mail app.

Therefore, you can not only disable windows 10 defender the built-in security tool, it can also remove downloaded software to resolve Mail app not syncing in Windows 10.

1. Go to Control Panel .

2 in programs press Uninstall a program .

Here, once he discovered that he can’t see the programs maybe I should View by category .

3. In the window Programs and characteristics right-click on the antivirus program to uninstall it . You can try restarting Windows 10 for it to take effect.

Now, without the intervention of security software, Mail app can’t sync will be gone and you are free to sync emails in Mail app in Windows 10.

Solution 4: Run the Windows 10 Apps Troubleshooter

Since Mail is one of the built-in apps on Windows systems, you are qualified to use the Windows app troubleshooter to deal with this Mail app not syncing in Windows 10.

It can help you get back to synced mail.

1. Go to Start > Setting > Update and security .

2 in Solve problems scroll down to locate the Windows Store apps and then click Run the troubleshooter .

The Windows 10 troubleshooter will detect your mail app has not synced error and will also help you to remove this problem.

Solution 5: Check Windows Defender Security Firewall

As we all know, there is a firewall that protects PC from viruses or malicious changes in Windows 10, so you need to make sure that you have enabled Mail app sync in the firewall aspect.

So, if turning off Windows 10 defender security is useless to fix Windows 10 mail app not working automatically, you may also struggle to promise the firewall to bypass mail sync.

1. Write windows defender in the search box and then press Get in to go to Windows Defender settings.

2. Then click Open Windows Defender Security Center .

3. Choose Firewall and network protection .

4. Press Allow an app through the firewall .

5. Then go to change settings > Apps and allowed features I searched Mail and Calendar and then check the box Private and Public beside Mail and Calendar .

Finally do click on To accept to save the changes.

You may notice that the mail app not syncing Windows 10 has been resolved.

In short, to fix Windows 10 Mail app won’t sync error, you can refer to these ways.

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