Fixed: YouTube keeps buffering Windows 10, 8, 7

Youtube video keeps buffering description

For Google Chrome users, if you want to watch videos, for fun or work, you will usually take advantage of YouTube on this site. YouTube is a platform where numerous videos are available for you.

But sometimes when you watch videos on YouTube, you find that YouTube loads slowly and buffers in Chrome or other Windows 10 browsers.

You can’t enjoy the amazing movies but you don’t realize that YouTube is stored in 4K or even 0K on Windows 10 Chrome.

On that basis, this article focuses on showing you what causes your YouTube to load slowly and then how you are supposed to fix YouTube buffering on Windows 10.

Why is your YouTube loading so slow?

There are several reasons why your YouTube video is loading slowly. If you know why and how it happened, you can fix it step by step according to these reasons.

For YouTube, there are two reasons. One is different videos that have different forms of compression. Therefore, some videos may load slowly and others may load normally or fast. The other is CDN technology. If the video you are watching on YouTube is downloaded from the nearby server, it may be faster than the far server.

For you, there are also two reasons. Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough bandwidth and speed on your network, and if more people are watching a video at the same time, the video will get stuck and take time to load.

Another situation is that your computer performance is not enough to load HD video smoothly, so it may generate buffering when you load videos. If you noticed slow videos on YouTube, it means something went wrong with your Chrome caches, Internet options, and network servers. Now it’s time for you to set the resolution Windows 10 YouTube is buffering to 10K.

How to stop YouTube buffering on Windows 10?

Now that you have the culprits behind this slow YouTube on Windows 10, you might as well handle this buffering video for Chrome.

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Solution 1: Check the Internet and restart the router

If your video stays in the uploading state from the beginning, you can consider restarting your router and check if your network status is stable. Unstable network transmissions will definitely cause video loading errors. So make sure you restart your router and the network is stable.

Solution 2 – Change www to ca in YouTube address

On the website, there is an easy way to help you stop YouTube buffering issue when watching video.
1. Open a YouTube video you are watching.

2. Change the www to AC , after that reload the YouTube video.

For example, change to . Many people reported that YouTube video loads faster and can be played smoothly.

Solution 3: Clear Google Chrome caches

It is said that too many caches in the browser can to some extent cause YouTube to load slowly. If you have searched or changed Chrome settings for so long that caches are building up, there are chances that YouTube cannot load smoothly.

In this way, you’d better try deleting search history from Windows 10 browsers like Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome from your desktop.

2 in Google Chrome , in the right window of the Chrome interface, click the icon Setting and then select Tools of the list.

3. Then press Clear browsing data . Or you can also press the key combination ctrl + Shift + delete .

4. After that choose a time range, here you are suggested to choose All time . Then click Delete data To confirm.

Once you have cleared Google Chrome caches, you will be able to delete Windows 10 search history.

Here, if you are running other browsers on Windows 10, you probably need to delete search history in them as well. Here is the walkthrough: how to clear browser caches in windows 10 . You can try reloading YouTube to see if it’s back to normal in Windows 10.

Solution 4 – Select a lower quality of YouTube videos

Normally, there are different types of video qualities on YouTube, such as 240P, 360P, 480P, and 720P. The higher the quality, the slower your YouTube videos could be on Windows 10.

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This is why you now need to reduce the quality on YouTube in Chrome.

1. in Youtube, showing a video, click Settings (the gear icon) and then select Quality .

Here you can see in the YouTube settings, there are other settings besides Quality, such as auto play Y Annotation .

2. Then select a lower quality, such as 144P .

If you found that your video on YouTube runs quite slow, it is recommended that you choose the lowest quality of 144P.

Once you have observed that 144P videos are smooth without the buffering issues, you may want to increase the quality of YouTube videos.

Solution 5 – Block some IP addresses in Windows 10 browsers

For most of you who are watching streaming videos and these videos are using network delivery provided by network service providers, it is as possible as other websites use services outside of YouTube.

With deeper surveys, you need to block two IP addresses from running on YouTube, which are Y 6 .

So, generally speaking, it can help if you can avoid them at the command prompt.

1. Find the symbol of the system in the search box and then right-click on the most suitable result for run it as administrator .

2. In the symbol of the system , copy and paste the following command, and then press enter to run it.

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YouTubeTweak” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

Then these two sites will be blocked in Chrome Windows 10.

Now go back to YouTube and open the video like before. You can see that the YouTube buffering issue has been resolved without the two problematic websites.

Solution 6: USE VPN software

As said above, some YouTube videos will download far away from you, now when YouTube loads slowly in Windows 10, it is advisable to use a VPN service for a while.

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Local VPN software can probably boost your online speed to help you load YouTube video smoothly.
There are many free VPN and paid VPN software, if you don’t want to pay for one, you can try using free VPN. And the paid VPN software also offers a free trial. The differences between them are speed and online privacy.

Solution 7: Magic Actions for YouTube Buffering Videos

Playing buffered YouTube videos in Chrome is unbearable. So how to stop buffering on YouTube is necessary. The Google Chrome extension offers great functionality. You can download an extension called Magic Actions for YouTube, which is a free and professional Chrome plugin to service YouTube including fixing YouTube slow loading issue.

1. Enter the chrome web store .

2. Find the Magic Actions for YouTube and you will see it in the list on the right side. click at button Add to Chrome .

3. In the pop-up window, choose add extensions .

4. Click Jump .

5. Click Setting after the installation completes.

6. In the Magic options, scroll down the vertical scroll bar to find Speed ​​Booster. Check the box for Speed ​​Booster (New, experimental!) – Better video preloading/buffering .

7. Open YouTube and play a video, the YouTube slow buffering problem will be gone. And at the bottom of the video screen window, you can speed up the video manually.

Solution 8: Update Flash Player

A good flash player is required to play the video properly on the web. If you have a problem with the flash player or it is not the latest version, the video may get stuck or not load. So when your YouTube video won’t load or loads very slowly, remember to update your flash player. If you are using Google Chrome to play videos, you can go to the Google Chrome component to update Adobe Flash Player.


So when you meet the YouTube video buffering issue again, don’t worry, you can solve your problem by following the above steps step by step.

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