Flash Puzzle Game Fire: Ungh’s Quest Review for Nintendo Switch

A lot of games are released on the Nintendo Switch that has already been visited on mobile platforms. Someone looks at this with skepticism while someone enjoys the gameplay. One of the representatives of this category is on our review today – Fire: Ungh’s Quest. It will not be possible to say a lot about this game due to its features, but about them later. Let’s start, as expected, in order.

Plunge into the past

The plot of Fire: Ungh’s Quest, as the name implies, revolves around fire. Or rather, its keeper with the name Ungh is difficult to translate into writing – a kind of hum with exhalation. However, not about that. This very Ungh, on the very first day at work, where he needs to keep an eye on the fire, falls asleep and loses the only source of fire in the settlement. For this, he receives notable from the elder and goes on a long and full of adventures searching for fire. Interestingly, the introduction to the plot is shown in the form of a small cartoon without words. Considering the style, it looks cool.

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Bright as if from the Disney Channel

The visual of the game please with bright colors and exaggerated forms. In contrast to the plot that takes place before our era, it looks at least interesting. It creates a strong feeling that you are watching something from the new era of Disney animated series. Moreover, each level is accompanied by a different soundtrack. In general, in terms of sound, the game pleases: pleasant guitar melodies play in the background, and the pacification is diluted with the voice acting of small actions like hitting with a stick or sliding on ice.

Play … difficult

So we come to the most controversial side of the game. It isn’t easy. It would seem that this is nothing more than a compliment for a puzzle, but not in the case of Fire: Ungh’s Quest. The complexity here is achieved not so much by unusual riddles as by the complete absence of accompanying information. For you to understand, the game has no text at all. They throw you into the thick of things and don’t explain what to do. Actually, that’s why I mentioned at the beginning that you couldn’t tell much about the game. The entire gameplay fits into the screenshot. No additional elements are to be expected.

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And the management is strange. Somewhere the sticks work, but somewhere you have to tap on the touch screen. In general, to somehow get on the path of solving the puzzles, you will have to sit for a long time on the first level, poking at every centimeter of the screen, hoping that this will turn out to be the right step.

The bottom line is definitely not for everyone.

Fire: Ungh’s Quest is very high quality but a strange puzzle. It can be seen that the creators spent a lot of time on visuals and audio, but at the same time, they completely forgot about convenient controls and some introduction to the gameplay. If you love puzzles so much that you are ready to delve into the game and understand everything without prompts, Fire: Ungh’s Quest is for you. I do not recommend the rest.


  • Bright “cartoon” visual.
  • Nice guitar melodies in the background.
  • Like a puzzle, the game is tough.
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  • There is no introductory instruction.
  • The combination of touch and analog control raises questions.

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