Do not rush to grumble that another vacuum cleaner has appeared on the market! After all, the Chinese Xiaomi does not produce everything under their own brand, and a wireless vacuum cleaner Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, for this reason alone, deserves your attention. I’ve already let it slip: yes wireless, yes, vertical. And now in more detail.

For any cleaning!  Review of the upright vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9: Characteristics

  • cleaning type: dry;
  • dust collector: flask with 5 degrees of cleaning, 600 ml;
  • suction power: 120 Aut;
  • weight with brush and pipe: 3.8 kg;
  • battery capacity: 2 500 mAh.

Getting ready to clean up.

I have already praised Mi’s approach to packaging their goods, as they say: clothes greet them. Everything is tightly packed in an organizer box. Individual packaging and proper organization of the space guarantee the excellent condition of the goods after transportation.

A vertical vacuum cleaner on a battery will not surprise anyone today, but the G9 will definitely delight you with a wealth of equipment. Curl your fingers: motorized main brush, smaller twin sister, hard-to-reach nozzle, brush head, and wall mount. With the latter, there is an interesting feature. On top, there is a cradle charger for an additional battery. Yes, the G9 has replaceable batteries, and if you often do big cleaning, you should buy an extra battery. And you can charge two at once: one in the vacuum cleaner, the other in the docking station on top.

The arsenal of brushes also eliminates the need to purchase any accessories. So here and vacuum the floor with furniture and walk through the cabinets. Respect!

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I cannot but praise the overall build quality and materials of the vacuum cleaner. Everything connects with a pleasant effort and an understandable fixation. It is removed in the same way by pressing the button at the junction of the elements. Agree. It’s nice when the device is also perfectly made.

As for the main unit, there is also pleasing and thoughtfulness and ergonomics. Fortunately, the G9, unlike the younger models, has a comfortable pistol-like grip. The trigger is also present. On the rear part, there is a switch for operating modes: “Eco,” “Standard,” and “Turbo.” Looking ahead, I will say that the “Eco-mode” is more for bragging about the battery life. In reality, it is better to use the “Standard” or “Turbo” modes.

And finally, filters and a garbage bowl. Five-step cleaning ensures the air is clean after cleaning. I can confirm that there was no smell of dust after the cleaning work in the room. And it happens if the device does not filter the suction flow well enough. The filters are located in a 600 ml bowl, which generally allows you to clean the living space in one go. Separately, the lid for shaking out can be opened, and the bowl itself is also easily detached. We shake out the debris, and the filters themselves can be washed. The main thing is to let them dry before reuse.

Into the battle for purity!

I cleaned my small dwelling of 38 square meters in the presence of a cat in a standard model. So, the vacuum cleaner’s battery lasted for about half an hour of cleaning. During this time, the container was very densely packed with wool and just household waste with dust. Let me remind you that it is easy to shake it out without removing it simply by pressing the button holding the lid.

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I love those cordless vacuum cleaners, like robotic vacuum cleaners, which have a motorized brush that helps the powerful motor clean.

For any cleaning!  Review of the upright vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

Xiaomi claims 100 thousand rpm, but here we are clearly talking about turbo mode, in which it starts to warm up, makes noise, and does not work very long. In general, only for heavily contaminated premises. While I was cleaning the carpet from the white hair of my tailed friend, the turbo mode did not come in handy. So I don’t even know what scenarios it is needed for.

I liked the ease of reassembling the structure when using other attachments. There are no problems and difficulties at all. But still, there are a couple of points for which the vacuum cleaner wants to scold. First: cleaning the joints of a carpet with a high pile and the floor, dust remains on edge, it must be vacuumed separately. Second: the battery is capacious, and this is definitely a plus, but the total weight of the structure is considerable, 3.8 kg, and if a man is still okay, then women can get tired hands during prolonged cleaning.

By the way, if this is important to you, it is convenient to use the vacuum cleaner for both right-handed and left-handed people. It is symmetrical.

For any cleaning!  Review of the upright vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

The cleaning is done, it remains to service the vacuum cleaner itself. By the way, here I must agree with the opinion that, unlike classic vacuum cleaners with bags, designs like the G9 require more frequent maintenance, and preferably after each cleaning. You can, of course, neglect, but I do not advise.

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What is it about? Shake out the trash, no big deal. But it is worth at least after every second cleaning to rinse the HEPA filter and then let it dry. The second stage is cleaning the mechanical brush. She wraps her hair around herself and generally collects a lot of dirt. It also needs to be cleaned so that later all this does not smear back on the floor. It may sound intimidating, but it really doesn’t take long, and you get used to it quickly.

Feedback. What’s in the balance?

Upright cordless vacuum cleaners sometimes seem like a compromise, and I would even agree with that, provided that you buy a vacuum cleaner with low suction power. Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 has 120 air watts, which is already enough for complete cleaning.

It’s nice that the vacuum cleaner can be placed in the corner of the room near the outlet, where it will be charged, and all attachments will be stored there. The only thing you might not like is the need for maintenance.

And the G9 looks great and is well built!


  • cleans well;
  • well done;
  • equipment and ergonomics.


  • significant was not found.

May not like:

  • battery life;
  • the need for service;
  • weight.

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