Format write-protected USB drive with CMD Prompt

Format a USB drive just easy and every user can do this by simply right clicking and Select Format. But sometimes Windows users face problems, this disk is write protected, cannot format the drive, etc. This is because the USB drive is corrupted, it has some sectors of the bed, and it may be completely infected with viruses that protect to format the drive. If you are also suffering from this problem and are looking for a way to format the write-protected USB drive, you can do it using Windows command prompt ( format write-protected pen drive using cmd ). Then follow the steps below to format the read and write protected USB drive using the CMD prompt.

How to format write-protected USB

First of all, connect Pen Drive or USB flash drive to your computer. After connecting, check the letter assigned to the USB flash drive. When I connected the Pen drive to my PC As shown below, the letter of my Drive is Removable Disk J:

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Now open the command prompt As administrator to do this, click on the start menu and type cmd. As shown below the desktop application command prompt screen, right click and Run as administrator

You can also right-click the taskbar and click Task Manager. This will open the Task Manager windows now click file> Run a new task when creating new task windows Type CMD. And click the checkbox Create this task with administrative privileges As shown below.

Now the Windows command prompt will appear on your screen. Type the following command at the command prompt and press Enter:
/ q / x J format:

Command explained

1. Here the format command, to format the drive

2. The parameter q means quick format

3. Parameter x forces the unmounting of the selected volume if necessary

The letter ” J »Is the name of the unit. when you try, replace the letter “J” with the name of your removable drive.
Right after pressing Enter, a message such as’ Please insert a new disk for drive J: and press ENTER when ready … will be displayed.

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So, just hit the Enter button. Now the formatting of your Pen drive or USB flash drive will start. You must wait until 100% complete. After completing the process, you will see a message like » Initializing the file allocation table (FAT)… Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? «, Which means that the format has been completed and waiting for your confirmation.

So just hit Enter again. Once the pen drive formatting process is complete, you will see Format Message Complete along with other details as shown below.

That is all you have successfully formatted your USB drive, flash drive.
Using command prompt is the best working solution when USB Drive write-protected format, pen drive write-protected format, etc. . Any questions feel free to comment below.

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