Video game publisher Epic Games has announced a rather interesting collaboration with renowned Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. As part of this agreement, the first licensed car in the project’s history will appear in the Fortnite battle royale. We are talking about a rather stylish model Ferrari 296 GTB, which the brand itself presented only a month ago – a sports car in the real world will be sold for 270 thousand euros in early 2022, while the vehicle will appear in the virtual world today, July 22. Surprisingly, the previously so popular video game could not boast of real cars.
– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 21, 2021

Unfortunately, the developers of the battle royale did not report any detailed information about the virtual car Ferrari 296 GTB – no one knows under what conditions it will be possible to get a vehicle, whether the skin will be paid or free, and in what modes the supercar will be available. On the other hand, there is not much time left before the update release, so that gamers will receive all the answers shortly. And this is probably the beginning of a new era for Fortnite because cars from the real world usually get a lot of attention from players.

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