In the old years, many companies were fond of the release of tablets on Android, and now only large players remain. Among them is Samsung, which is developing several different-sized lines at once. Special attention is drawn to the professional Galaxy Tab S series, which brings together tablets for work and creativity. All representatives have a corresponding set of chips: stylus, optional keyboard, and Samsung DeX desktop mode.

Our Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a large mid-range tablet, much like last year’s flagship Galaxy Tab S7 +. First of all, an impressive 12.4-inch diagonal design and several general high-end options. Already in the database, our hero supports LTE mobile Internet. The 4/64 GB version asks for 50 thousand rubles, but I recommend paying attention to 128 GB of internal memory for 55 thousand rubles.


  • Screen: 12.4 inches, 60 Hz, IPS, 2560 × 1600.
  • Operating system: Android 11 with One UI shell.
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G.
  • CPU: Cortex-A77 (2 × 2.2 GHz) + Cortex-A55 (6 × 1.8 GHz).
  • GPU: Adreno 619.
  • Memory: 4 GB + 64/128 GB, support for microSD cards up to 1 TB.
  • Main camera: 8 MP, autofocus, LED flash.
  • Front camera: 5 MP.
  • Battery: 10,090 mAh, non-removable, 45W charging (15W included).
  • Dimensions: 284.8 x 185 x 6.3 mm.
  • Weight: 608 grams.
  • Slots: tray for one nanoSIM and microSD memory card.
  • Communication: LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS (A-GPS), GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, USB OTG.
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light sensor, and Hall sensor.
  • Features: pressure sensing pen included.

A major gadget for all occasions

The look is inherited from last year’s flagship: a thin all-aluminum body, a huge screen with thin bezels and flat ends. This is an extremely ergonomic format by the standards of a 12.4-inch diagonal; the weight of 608 grams does not get tired. At the same time, using the Galaxy Tab S7 FE on the go or in cramped public places like public transport is uncomfortable. In other words, this is a slightly more stationary gadget for working at home, in a cafe, or an office.

I got the most easily soiled dark version, on the body of which every fingerprint is visible. To wipe them off, you have to use microfiber and a special liquid. The remaining three colors are lighter, which means less easily soiled. However, if you plan to use your tablet without a case, I recommend them.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

The S Pen is included, but there is no room for it in the slim body. Therefore, Samsung provided two places with a magnetic mount: a platform on the back cover and the top end. Both options are convenient, and strong magnets eliminate the risk of loss. True, in a backpack, the feather now and then falls off the body. You have to look for it separately. Let’s talk about the functionality further. The stylus has something to surprise.

The novelty is compatible with Galaxy Tab S7 + accessories. Last year I tried the keyboard case – a convenient thing thanks to the kickstand and extra stylus cover. The second case is made in the format of a book and is no less convenient. A clever magnetic mount is used in both cases, which slightly increases the thickness of the entire structure without compromising ergonomics.

The 12.4-inch diagonal is really impressive. IPS has an aspect ratio of 16:10, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and a resolution of 2560 × 1600 – the pixel density is 244 PPI. Watching movies or viewing pictures on such a screen is a pleasure, thanks to the rich colors and gorgeous contrast. The display area is close to 13-inch laptops and is well suited for work: the Internet, editing text documents, creating presentations, or holding conferences – all this is not a problem.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

The Super AMOLED matrix has remained the lot of older models, and there is no point in discussing its differences with IPS – this is a matter of preferences. The advantage of IPS is the absence of flicker. The eyes do not get tired at all. Moreover, the minimum brightness is the reference 3 cd / m², and the maximum 415 cd / m², coupled with the anti-reflective coating, makes it possible to work outdoors. Black background without glare, backlight covers the screen evenly. The settings have a dark theme, night mode, and several display profiles.

You can quarrel about the lack of a fingerprint scanner. However, it is supposed to use fast face recognition, pattern, or classic passwords to protect data.

The two speakers are spaced apart along the side ends. That is, they are at a fairly large distance. The stereo effect is wonderful. The sound is truly spacious. In addition, vibration from low frequencies is carried through the cabinet and transmitted to the table, making the sound even more effective.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

The software has built-in Dolby Atmos with 4 modes and a full equalizer. The speaker headroom allows you to achieve even more without any hint of wheezing. To summarize, the quality of the audio system can be compared with a compact laptop, and the volume margin is somewhat inferior.

Sketch canvas

Returning to the S Pen stylus, its format is close to a regular pen, and the soft-touch coating solves the issue of slippage for maximum comfort during use. In addition, the pen does not need to be recharged.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

The screen begins to respond to the stylus at a distance of 2-3 millimeters and works instantly after touching as if you were writing on paper. The recognition of the degrees of pressing adds realism, but Samsung does not disclose the exact number. In addition, the sensor does not respond to fingers while drawing, so you can rest your palm on display. As a result, this is not a replacement for a professional graphics tablet but an advanced travel album for an artist or designer.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

When using the pen, a floating button with a shortcut menu appears on the screen. It is fully customizable for the needs of the user.

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Difficult Android 11 onboard

The undoubted feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE against the background of other Android tablets is software. At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary: Android 11, One UI shell, and familiar interface structure. Shortcuts and widgets on desktops, a separate application menu, a status bar with a shutter, and a navigation bar. For a 12.4-inch screen, the interface looks large and empty.

Samsung’s DeX desktop mode changes everything, transforming Android into a kind of adult operating system. The desktop becomes more convenient for the large screen, the Start menu appears, and, most importantly, a full-fledged multi-window mode. Moreover, since it is based on regular Android, the system is perfectly adapted for touch control. Therefore, DeX is relevant for all use cases, including multimedia and drawing, and not just for work.

Multi-window mode allows you to resize and arrange applications as you like. All of them are performed in parallel: if you open a messenger in a window on top of YouTube, the video will not stop. Some applications do not support full-screen development – this is a question for the developers.

Among other things, DeX helps out when the application is by definition not adapted for the tablet. A prime example is Instagram, which by default opens to its full 12.4-inch screen and looks downright awful. In DeX, the same application runs in a proportional window.

The functionality of such a solution depends on the capabilities of Android applications, which cannot yet compete with professional software for adult OS. However, such a task is not worth it since a tablet is rather an auxiliary gadget for working on the Internet, creating text notes and presentations, sketching drawings, and entertainment. For all this, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is already prepared out of the box, thanks to the pre-installed software from Samsung and Google.

Performance and connectivity

As befits a mid-range device, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G is installed here. It is a powerful chip with two efficient Cortex-A77 cores at 2.2 GHz and six efficient Cortex-A55 cores at 1.8 GHz. In ordinary tasks, like the Internet, the lag behind the older Galaxy Tab S7 + with Snapdragon 865 onboard is not striking. However, our hero also behaves smoothly in the interface and the browser, allowing you to open several applications simultaneously. In other words, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 750G shouldn’t be confused when buying the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. There is not much RAM, the minimum comfortable 4 GB, but there are no problems with multitasking. There is also little internal memory, 64 GB or 128 GB.

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The chip is not subject to throttling at all. In an hour-long test under full load, the performance did not drop at all, and the back cover became warm at the top center when holding the device horizontally.

The list of wireless interfaces includes a complete set: LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, a SIM card is installed in one tray with microSD.

One wired interface, USB-C, with support for image and peripheral output. To connect multiple devices at the same time, you can use hubs – useful for stationary work. To connect headphones, you have to use an adapter. There is no audio jack on the case.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

Autonomy and charging

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE lasted almost 11 hours at 50% brightness in our battery test. This is almost twice as much compared to the Galaxy Tab S7 +, which means that in real life, our hero will keep the charge proportionally longer – 2-3 days when used for 3-5 hours a day. This is due to the standard display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The tablet supports Power Delivery of up to 45W. I used a Samsung branded 25W adapter, and it took only 2 hours to charge fully. A 15W Fast Adaptive Charging charger comes out of the box, charging the battery quite slowly, 4 hours. In the settings, you can limit the charge to 85% for careful operation.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included

Recall after two weeks of use.

A tablet with a 12.4-inch screen is still far from a universal gadget. This is primarily a working tool used in tandem with a standard keyboard for mainly office tasks. In other words, a smart replacement for an old laptop with a bunch of additional features like an active pen and multimedia applications from Google Play. In this sense, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has no competitors for its 50-55 thousand rubles, thanks to its high-quality performance, good filling, and advanced software in the face of the DeX mode. Other tablets with large displays are more expensive: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + with LTE – from 60 thousand rubles, and Apple iPad Pro 12.9 – from 90 thousand rubles.

The definitive advantage of our hero is the complete pen. For those who do not yet have a PD charger for a laptop, I advise you to buy a Samsung 25W adapter. As well as a regular keyboard or cover, depending on the desired use case.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE experience: huge display and stylus included


  • huge 12.4-inch display;
  • chic artistry made of metal and glass;
  • compatibility with accessories from Galaxy Tab S7 +;
  • a high-quality S Pen is already included;
  • two platforms for storing the stylus on the body;
  • advanced mode Samsung DeX;
  • no performance degradation under load.


  • complete charging 15 watts.

May not like:

  • lack of a fingerprint scanner;
  • relatively little built-in memory.

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