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Google completely killed Google Glass, which it developed for 10 years

Ten years ago, Google began one of its first large-scale experiments with augmented reality. The project was called Google Glass, a device with a projection display that was mounted on the head, and it was controlled using voice commands. Simply put, Google Glass is smart glasses. The idea aroused interest among technical enthusiasts, while the device was initially inaccessible to a wide audience. Ultimately, Google was forced to abandon its plans, and the product was left for corporate use only. In 2019, the search giant introduced the second generation of Google Glass Enterprise Edition, but this version did not last long. The company has now completely discontinued the production of these glasses.

On March 15, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 augmented reality headset is no longer available for sale. Google also does not plan to release any updates for the device, but will continue to support its product until September 15 this year. After that, Google Glass smart glasses will finally become a thing of the past, and the project itself will be closed. The only thing left is the existing software images, the company promises to keep the links until at least April 1, 2024.

It’s a sad end for a seemingly promising device that once caused so much buzz. Even despite the fact that for some business areas Google Glass turned out to be a very useful tool. For example, in medicine – during surgical procedures. Still, it turned out to be a very niche device and financially unviable, so Google decided to abandon it.

Whatever the case, Google is investing more than ever in VR and AR. During last year’s Google I/O conference, the company showed off a brand new AR glasses that are somewhat of a successor to Google Glass.

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