In 2016, Google introduced the spam detection function built into the Google Phone application. Admittedly, this is a handy thing that often eliminates the need to pick up the phone when an unknown number rings. But most of all, it upsets when a person is busy with something significant, and the smartphone, which at that moment rings in his pocket, bag, or even somewhere off to the side, makes him distracted. Now you don’t have to do anything at all to see who is calling. Thanks to the new Google Phone function, the smartphone itself will “dictate” the caller’s number.

When you activate the function called “Caller ID Announcement,” in the application settings, Google Phone will announce the name and number for all incoming calls. Users can enable the new setting for all calls normally or only when a headset is connected. The innovation is available in the stable version of Google Phone. The changes seem to be deployed on the server-side.

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