Google continues to update its branded online app store. Last month, Google Play’s user interface underwent significant changes, as a result of which the store got rid of the tiered menu and received an updated settings section and several other improvements. But, as it turned out, the Internet giant did not stop at this modernization. Now Google has decided to update the My Apps section of Google Play.

According to the XDA Developers portal, the “My Apps” section has been redesigned. If earlier, when going to this section, users were greeted by five tabs – “My Apps and Games,” “Updates,” “Installed,” “Library,” “Shared,” and “Beta,” now Google has decided to replace them with two sub-items – “Review” and “Management.” And the section “My Apps” itself has been renamed to “Manage Applications and Device.”

XDA Developers believe the redesign of the section will make it harder to check for updates for apps. Many users regularly visit the My Apps section of Google Play to see which apps have been updated and which programs have been updated recently. But after the next Google Play update, to check for updates, you will have to click on the “More” button in the “Overview” tab, after which the “Pending Downloads” section will open with a list of applications for which updates are available.

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It should be noted that while the new menu of the “My Applications” section is working in test mode. When the updated interface becomes available to all users of Android devices, it is not reported.

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