Google revealed the design of the new Google Play feature

Back in May 2021, developers from Google officially announced the upcoming update of their Google Play digital store – it should contain information about what kind of information the application collects about the user. Actually, a similar function is already available in Apple’s App Store. And now, with about six months left before the release of the new function, Google representatives decided to demonstrate the design of the new function and how it will look in the interface of the digital store. As in the case of the competitor, the designers decided to do everything very concisely.

In the additional section of the application description, the user will see brief information about what data the developer of the application or game collects about a person. In this case, the user will have the opportunity to make a decision – to install software that, for example, collects information about the geo-location or still bypass it. Additionally, information about data encryption, the ability to use software for children, and so on will be indicated. If necessary, the user can click on the list to see more detailed information about the data collected by the software.

It is worth noting that the interface of this list of data will also display whether the user can refuse to collect information about him. If the application does not allow it to start without collecting data, this will also be indicated in the interface of the digital store. True, Google noted that the presented interface might change even closer to the release, but probably not drastically. At the same time, all developers will be forced to provide information about the collected data – they will start providing lists from October of this year. The deadline is April 2022. Users themselves will see the new interface and private labels in the first quarter of next year.

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