Google will explain to users why it is showing them specific search results

Google intends to provide users of its search engine with additional information about why they were shown these particular search results. Earlier this year, the search giant introduced a new About This Result feature that shows information about the sites that appear in search results. Users will now also see how and why Google provides them with information based on a search query.

The company blog says that the delivery of relevant information for each request depends on many different factors. Users who run queries on the Google search engine can click on the “more” link to see how the result matches certain search terms and determine the relevance of the information provided. The new tool is another way to check source information and other data even before linking quickly.

The “About this result” section will also display search tips to help Google better understand what the user is trying to find. Google will tell you how to adjust your query and what specific methods and settings to use to get the most appropriate results.

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Initially, the new feature will only be available in English in the United States. In the coming months, the company plans to roll out it in other regions for more users.

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