The Google Photos client is one of the most popular galleries for Android, but this app is quite resource-intensive and takes up a relatively large amount of space, not suitable for budget devices. In this regard, in July 2020, Google released the lightweight Gallery Go – a media library created for Android Go, the number of downloads of which has already exceeded 100 million.

Gallery Go is a miniature gallery with basic functionality like automatically categorizing your library, providing the user with standard video and image editing tools, and supporting a dark theme. It weighs only 21 MB versus 108 MB for Google Photos and, as shown by testing, consumes 103 MB instead of 287 MB.

In January 2021, Gallery Go had 50 million downloads – in less than 5 months, the app doubled its user base. This is partly because the utility is preinstalled in all smartphones based on Android Go. Still, there are relatively few of them, and the number of positive reviews and reviews indicate that many of them deliberately download Gallery Go.

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