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Hello Cortana. Not working?

Windows 10 has introduced many useful and updated features for its users, one of which is the prominent and prominent feature called ‘Cortana’. It is a voice activated personal assistant or known as a virtual assistant. Although it is still very useful and fun to use, when this feature doesn’t work and you find yourself in the middle of the Cortana Not Working situation, it gets a bit frustrating, which is very understandable.

Therefore, we are here to help you with this. We have listed some of the simple solutions that you can try when your system responds saying that Cortana does not work.

How to fix Cortana not working

In some cases, it might work with the first solution itself, but even if it doesn’t work for you on the first try, there are other options as well. Read on to find out –

Method 1

Sometimes some services do not start during Windows startup. Cortana is a Windows service that can fail to load, so the first way to fix Cortana not working is by restarting your PC or laptop.

But if rebooting doesn’t fix it, move on to the next solution.

Method 2

Microsoft account – Sometimes when you face an error in the start menu, it is mainly due to the problems in your Microsoft account. You can try this by logging out and then logging back in. So the second solution is to log out of your existing Microsoft account using the below mentioned steps and just log in again.

If this is not resolved immediately, be sure to reboot the system once you have logged in again

Method 3

Region and language settings – Your Cortana is sensitive to the region and language settings on your system.

If not, update and save it, then check Cortana again.

If your Windows is out of date, support for your country might not be available in Cortana

Method 4

System updates – All advanced devices need an update from time to time to function properly. Check the update on your system. Known Microsoft updates have the fixes for Cortana. Just download the available updates to fix Cortana issues.

Otherwise, click on ‘check for updates’. Once done, restart your system and then check Cortana

Method 5

Start Menu Troubleshooter – It is often seen that when Cortana is not working, the home button starts to malfunction as well. Hence, the Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter is known to solve the start button issues and Cortana malfunction.

Method 6

Reset Cortana – If none of the above methods work, there is still another simple solution left. Try resetting Cortana

Check if the following features are enabled in your configuration: –

Try checking Cortana now. On ” Microphone” and activate » Make sure Cortana can hear me , click on Start «.

Method 7

Restart Cortana – You can try restarting the Windows Cortana process for the better.

Method 8

Reinstall Cortana – The last method to fix Cortana is to reinstall Cortana at a raised PowerShell prompt. Just follow the steps:

Last words

These were some of the best working methods to troubleshoot Cortana.

The article will help you even if your Cortana stopped working after Windows update.

If you still have any more issues, let us know in the comment section.

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