Smooth ride with front shock absorber and powerful engine: HIPER Triumph T100 Review

The HIPER brand is truly multidisciplinary: peripherals, smartphone accessories, household goods, and even radio-controlled models. Electric vehicles make up an important part of the assortment. Electric scooter on test today HIPER Triumph T100 2021 model year. Among its features: large pneumatic wheels, rear-wheel drive, and a power reserve of up to 30 kilometers.

The popularity of electric scooters is understandable. Firstly, they are used to driving against the backdrop of newfangled gyro scooters and mono-wheels. Secondly, they are more compact and compatible with everyday clothes against the backdrop of bicycles. And finally, a discharged scooter does not turn into a “pumpkin” but is quite suitable for riding in the old-fashioned way. At the same time, the speed of movement is many times greater than walking.

HIPER Triumph T100: Specifications

  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h.
  • Electric motor power: nominal 350 W, peak 500 W.
  • Electric motor type: brushless (brushless).
  • Power reserve on one battery charge: up to 30 km.
  • Wheels: pneumatic 10 inches.
  • Battery: 288 Wh (36 V, 8 Ah).
  • Battery charging time: up to 5 hours.
  • Headlight: LED lamp, tail light, and brake light.
  • Brake: front disc, rear electronic (motor).
  • Frame material: aluminum.
  • Weight: 15.3 kg.

Modern look without experimentation

The appearance of the HIPER Triumph T100 is comparable to other electric scooters. But, unlike many others, small details have been thought out here. The wires are hidden in the body, and a short brake cable comes out of it very close to the handle. The screen fits well into the steering wheel and is not screwed on as a separate gadget. The same goes for the throttle stick and the bell. This, coupled with the lack of glossy details, gives it a sense of style and value.

If necessary, the scooter can be significantly reduced in size. The folding process is simple: first of all, you need to open the lock, tilt the steering rack back, and then click it on the wing. The stand lies slightly diagonally so as not to get in the way when the scooter is in the right hand. However, it is exhausting to carry a 15.3-kilogram transport for a long time. I have enough to get out of the apartment and during the trip on public transport. However, the steering wheel protrudes strongly from one side due to the displacement, increasing the already considerable dimensions during storage. In other words, the scooter lacks folding handles. But additional movable mechanisms are the risk of unwanted backlash.

For safety, a small red LED is integrated into the rear wing that flashes during braking. In the dark, it, together with the headlight, can be turned on by double-pressing the onboard computer button. The headlights are bright enough to make out the pits on the city asphalt.

And for convenience, there was a place on the left for a folding leg, on which you can lean the scooter on even asphalt. The stand is held by a powerful spring in the closed position, which eliminates any backlash and knocking on the case.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine


Before the first drive, I recommend pumping up the wheels and checking if they spin well. In my case, the rear wheel nipple touched the frame – I had to fix it.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

All the riding experience and power reserve are described by an 80-kilogram man with a height of 177 centimeters with legs of size 43. The deck is spacious enough to accommodate chunky sneakers. The steering wheel is not adjustable in height and is slightly lower than the chest – with a straightened back. There is no need to stretch. The steering rack does not swing even after a month of intensive riding with pits and curbs.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

When the formalities are met, you can turn on the electric drive. To do this, you need to hold the onboard computer button until the speedometer ignites. With single presses, two power modes are switched. In “P1” the speed is limited to 15 km / h, and in “P2” – 25 km / h.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

To start moving, you need to push off slightly and press the throttle lever. It is sensitive to intermediate positions. Therefore it is possible to set at a slower speed than the maximum one. And to maintain the desired speed, the accelerator should be held in the desired position for a few seconds until the cruise control is turned on, indicated by the indicator on the dashboard and a soft squeak.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

The maximum speed is picked up almost instantly but smooth enough not to fall on a flat surface. The engine, judging by the sound, practically does not strain, but it still heats up – I strongly do not recommend touching the rear wheel after intense driving. Our hero can survive a drive into a small puddle since all electronic filling is protected from splashes and water jets according to the IPX4 standard. But you definitely should not immerse the wheels in the water.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

When driving uphill, the speed decreases, sometimes by half, and the engine begins to emit characteristic electrical sounds – it all depends on the steepness of the rise and the rider’s weight. I managed to overcome a prolonged 30-degree climb at a speed of about 8-10 km / h. During descents, the scooter can be accelerated more than the declared 25 km / h, but the speedometer does not display large values.

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Chubby pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 10 inches and a full-fledged suspension fork perfectly cope with the asphalt joints and unevenness: the ride is smooth and free of extraneous vibrations. Small curbs about 5 centimeters high are also subject to the scooter. It is scary to storm higher obstacles. It is better to get off the deck temporarily.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

Double brake: front – mechanical disc, and rear – electronic (engine). At the first moment, after pressing the handle, it grasps the rear regenerative braking – the push can be sharp. I advise you to hold on to the steering wheel firmly with both hands. And only about a third of the handle’s travel is the front disc brake connected. It is tuned softly and is not able to lock the wheel even when fully pressed. To summarize the impressions of the brakes: the dual system quickly upsets the scooter at high speeds, and after 10 km / h, begins to break with a disc brake slowly. Please note that the front brake mechanism is hidden behind covers to protect it from water and dirt.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

Power reserve and charging

The declared power reserve is 30 kilometers, but the manufacturer does not specify which particular model. In my case, the scooter drove 25 kilometers over hilly terrain with a lot of slides and slopes. Maximum dynamics is available up to the last division of four. And after that, the scooter begins to lose traction gradually: it accelerates more slowly and reduces the maximum speed. This is almost imperceptible, as the difference between 23 km / h and 25 km / h is small. As soon as the battery indicator loses the last division and starts blinking, the dynamic characteristics deteriorate rapidly. However, even in this mode, the HIPER Triumph T100 can cover about two kilometers, but the latter – at the speed of a pedestrian and with regular pushbacks from the asphalt.

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Composite power supply with round plug. A full charge takes about 5 hours. That is, it is more convenient to leave the scooter at the outlet overnight. The indicator on the block can only monitor the progress of the process: red – charging, green – charged.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

Review after a month of use

The HIPER brand is not in vain engaged in electric transport. The Triumph T100 is a fairly successful model for the role of last-mile transport: you can get to work and take a ride in the park on weekends. The balance of performance is right, emphasizing comfort with large pneumatic wheels and a front shock absorber. The power reserve remained on the sidelines, 25 kilometers with a user weight of 80 kilograms – this is enough for city trips.

HIPER Triumph T100 review: smooth ride with front shock and powerful rear engine

I really want to scold the novelty for the insufficient functionality of the onboard computer, only the speedometer and a minimum of indicators. There is not enough odometer to understand the distance traveled, and its additional costs nothing. You should also pay close attention to the rear wheel: the screw on the protective cap is missing, and check the nipple. As for the rest, the build quality is good: the metal is thick everywhere, nothing plays or creaks under a heavy user.


  • Modern design with hidden wires;
  • Clever folding mechanism without backlash;
  • Comfort from pneumatic wheels and front shock absorber;
  • A quick set of maximum speed;
  • Sufficient power reserve for the city;
  • Reliable leg stand;
  • LED light front and rear;
  • Splash protection IPX4.


  • The speedometer does not display a speed higher than 25 km / h;
  • Lack of an odometer in the onboard computer.

Attention should be paid:

  • The rear nipple may touch the frame;
  • The brake is harsh at the first moment of operation.

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