A certain audience of video game fans for whom the plot is not as important as the gameplay, drive, shootouts, battles, and saturation from game events. And it is for these gamers that today, June 1, Necromunda: Hired Gun is going to release on PC and consoles (both new and old generations) – a rather “meaty” first-person shooter that can satisfy the thirst for shooting. The developers have made every effort to end up with a fairly intense “shooter” with unique gameplay mechanics, delaying the hunt for tens of hours. And, very likely, they really succeeded.

At the forefront of the new project is the hunter, who is given various dangerous missions to find and destroy villains of all sizes and shapes. Gamers also need to play the role of the main character, who travels through an exciting world of the future and destroys enemies from his deadly weapons. For this, the player will be given various bonuses and the ability to pump the character. However, the authors still made the main emphasis on the combat system – you will need to move a lot, shoot aiming, use a robotic pet, and even a hook for vertical movement.

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And the authors of the project decided to please us with a rather interesting cyberpunk setting. Every second character here carries a huge cannon, bars for communication are more reminiscent of a bunker after the apocalypse, and the virtual world resembles a metal beehive. Of course, they even promise a plot that seems to sound interesting. Still, you should understand that in Necromunda: Hired Gun, you should definitely not go for the sake of the plot – this game is about gameplay, shootouts, pumping, travel, and exploration, and the drama is in the background. On the other hand, no donation and the team putting their soul into the release is usually enough.

Necromunda: Hired Gun’s Steam.

Necromunda: Hired Gun’s Microsoft Store.

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