How much the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 have increased compared to Windows 10

Windows 11 came out 6 years after the announcement of Windows 10, so it’s not at all surprising that its hardware requirements are not as loyal as their predecessor. Some parameters have doubled, but this is unlikely to be reflected in most modern computers.

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Minimum system requirements for Windows 11 compared to Windows 10

 Windows 10Windows 11
CPU32-bit or 64-bit
1 GHz
1 GHz
2 cores
RAM1 GB (for 32-bit)
2 GB (for 64-bit)
4 GB
Storage16 GB (for 32-bit)
32 GB (for 64-bit)
64 GB
GraphicsDirectX 9
WDDM 1.0 driver
DirectX 12
WDDM 2.x driver
Display800 × 6001366 × 768
9 inches
Secure Boot
TMP 2.0

The main change in Windows 11 is the lack of support for 32-bit processors, which have not been found in any computer in recent years. However, even comparing the requirements of Windows 11 with the requirements of 64-bit Windows 10, the requests for the amount of memory still increased, moreover, 2 times.

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How to download and install Windows 11: step by step instructions (ISO)

The point about security deserves special attention, in particular the need for a TMP 2.0 chip. It is an advanced chipset for performing encryption using cryptography. It is installed mainly in computers with a price above average. However, if the computer does not have this chipset, the user can still install Windows 11 – just in this case, Microsoft does not guarantee that the system will work in the best way. The good news is that all future computers sold with Windows 11 preinstalled will be required to have such a chipset, which will significantly increase sensitive user data security.

Another interesting point concerns the display – Windows 11 is not suitable for miniature devices, so you should not wait for smartphones and small tablets based on the new system. The minimum limitation is a 9-inch screen.

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