How often users change smartphones to new ones.

Users have become less likely to change old smartphones for new ones, at least for residents of China, where the average update cycle has increased by almost a month. The portal GizmoChina writes about this concerning a new report from China Mobile Terminal Lab.

According to analysts at China Mobile Terminal Lab, the average smartphone replacement cycle in China has increased by 0.7 months compared to October last year and is now 25.3 months. That is, Chinese users, on average, change their old smartphone to a new one about every two years. However, if we consider each brand separately, then the replacement periods vary from 22 to 27 months. Apple has the most stable update cycle. Users change their old iPhones to new ones on average every 27.1 months. But Xiaomi smartphones have the shortest replacement cycle – an average of about 22.8 months. If we talk about other popular brands in the Celestial Empire, then for HONOR, this figure is 26.4 months, for OPPO – 26.3 months, for Huawei – 25.6 months, and Vivo and Samsung have an update cycle of 25.5 and 24. 5 months, respectively.

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One of the main reasons users have become less likely to update their smartphones is the improvement of technology and the empowerment of modern mobile devices. In other words, now smartphones remain technologically relevant longer, which means that users, being satisfied with their capabilities, are less likely to change old gadgets for new ones.

Interestingly, the premium flagships costing over 10,000 yuan (about $ 1,551 at the exchange rate) have the shortest renewal cycle of just 21 months. But users change budget smartphones and middle-class models no more than once every 26 months. This trend is most likely because buyers of inexpensive smartphones are more sensitive to the cost of new smartphones. Users willing to spend more than $ 1,000 will be among the first to buy a new flagship model immediately after it appears on the market.

It should be noted that market trends in China may reflect the state of affairs globally, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Most likely, in the global market, the smartphone replacement cycle has increased.

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