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How to change the time in Windows 10

The Date and Time of Windows 10 allows you to change some related time settings such as time, date, time zone, and time format in Windows 10.

Windows 10 time settings overview

Whenever you want to make an adjustment about the time or date settings, or hope to fix the time or fix time issues in Windows 10, for example, the windows 10 time is always wrong wave time is not synchronized in Windows 10, or Windows 10 time runs faster than default when restarting computer, you may refer to this article for effective solutions.

And in the meantime, if you have no idea how to set the date and time, how to change the time format and how to change the clock from 24 hours to 12 hours, you can learn exactly how to make these time settings in this post.

Here, no matter you want to change date and time settings in Windows 10 or fix time issues, you are suggested to try to set correct date and time in Windows 10 first.

How to change the time on the computer in Windows 10?

1. Click the icon Windows and choose the icon Setting to open the Windows settings window.

2. Choose time and language , and this setting can also set the speech and region.

After clicking it, you will enter the Time and Language settings.

3. On the Date and Time Settings tab, the set time is automatically activated default. And if the button date and time change is greyed out, Windows 10 cannot change the time manually as shown in the image below.

Four. Turn off Set time automatically . And you will see the Change date and time feature is enabled. The Change button changes to on and can be clicked. So this step can help you to solve Windows 10 date and time disabled issue.

5. Click the button Change , and you can change the date and time now.

6. In the tab of date and time change setting , you can select month , date Y year from the Date option.

Choose the time details from the Time option. In the time option, it is the default 12 hour clock. You can select 1-12 hours and 00-59 minutes. Of course, you have to choose AM (ante meridiem) or PM (post meridiem).

After setting the date and time, click Change to save and exit.

Now you have changed your time on the computer. And you will see the right time on the bottom right taskbar.

There are other ways to change the time in Windows 10. You can follow the step: Control Panel > Date and Time > Change date and time .

Here you can also choose the date and set the time yourself.

How to change the time zone in Windows 10?

Just like changing your time in Windows 10, changing the time zone is also very easy and the steps are similar to changing the clock time.

1. On the Date and Time tab, you will see set time zone automatically option is activated in . It means that Windows will set the time zone itself. and the option of time zone is dimmed. Therefore, you cannot change the time zone.

two. Turn off Set time zone automatically , wait several seconds, you will see the option Time zone activated. Now you can change the time zone to your local time zone yourself.

3. In the time zone dropdown list, select your UTC time zone. Fox example, if you live in Hong Kong or Urumqi , you must select (UTC+08:00) .

As well as changing the time and date, you can also use the control panel to set the time zone, go to control Panel > Date and Time > change the time zone to set your local time zone.


If you are going to a new place and don’t know the new district time and time zone, you can search online for city time zones first, and then select the correct time and UTC options. Of course you can use this link to help you change the time and time zone. It is a website that provides the date and time information. Enter the city, after that it will show you the exact time and time zone.

How to change the date and time format in Windows 10?

Below is the date and time window, which are the date and time formats , and lists five items about the date and time formats that are configured. Also, you can customize it by clicking change the date and time format .

In the formats settings, you can configure these things: first day of the week, short date, long date, short time and long time .

You can set specific date formats based on your preferences.

How to change the clock from 24 hours to 12 in windows 10?

In the lower right task bar, you will see the exact time of the clock. Some computer time is displayed as the 24-hour Windows 10 clock format. And some of the computer time is displayed as the 12-hour Windows 10 clock format.

If you need to change the time format from 24 hours to 12 hours, you can set it with the following solution. This setup is very easy. After opening the change date and time formats look for the option Weather short or Long time .


Here use the long time as an example. In a long time, the HH:mm:ss it is a 24 hour clock. And the hh:mm:ss tt it is a 12 hour clock.

In Long time, you must choose hh:mm:ss tt , means your time format is set to 12-hour clock.

After that, you will see your computer’s clock displaying a 12-hour format, such as 5:50 with a morning or afternoon.

Of course, if you want to change the clock from 12 hours to 24 hours, in the option Long time , choose the last: HH:mm:ss and then exit.

And how can you see the 24-hour clock? You need to click on the time in the taskbar and you will see it in the timetable. It is the long-term format.

I wish this article can help you to solve the date and time settings and error issues in Windows 10.

Now you know all the time settings in Windows 10. You can follow the above steps to change computer time and date, customize time zone and set 24-hour clock or 12-hour clock easily and quickly.

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