How to disable Intel Delayed Launcher

Intel Delayed Launcher is the launcher application and is part of Intel Rapid Recovery Technology. It is the system recovery measure. You will find the initiator delayed from Intel or » iastoriconlaunch.exe » in Rapid Retrieval Technology that is present in Rapid Storage Technology.

“Iastoriconlaunch.exe” is just a shortened form of Intel Array Storage Tech Icon Delayed Launch. Iastoriconlaunch is an executable file that is intended to provide the user with a quick and easy method to retrieve data and return the system to its operational state.

What is it iastoriconlaunch.exe?

Many people think that iastoriconlaunch is a type of malware or virus file. However, it is a system recovery measure that, to simplify a bit, allows you to enter your computer’s operating system before a virus / malware can access your system files. Simply put, if the system is attacked by a virus that loads during startup, this executable will be very useful if it is enabled. However, iastoriconlaunch leaves a huge impact on boot time, so many times you use it you will end up wasting 30-40 more seconds each time you boot the system.

Slow boot is the common problem among most of the PC users. To be more specific, it is enough to slow down and it takes a long time to get all the programs and applications in order.

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Should I disable the Intel Delayed Launcher?

Now to speed up boot time “Should startup applications like iastoriconlaunch be disabled?” The answer is no , it is simply because iastoriconlaunch will help you if some kind of virus or malware attack your boot processes then this proves to be fail safe.

Although the user does not need to keep it, it is recommended, as you always have to be prepared for viruses. No matter how smart or safe you are, you will have a virus on your computer once in your life, so keep it up . Makes the boot longer, but protects the system to a great extent!

How to disable Intel Delayed Launcher in Windows

There are 2 methods available to disable the Intel Delayed Launcher. Follow the following methods:

Method 1: Use Msconfig and disable Intel Delayed Launcher from all startup programs

This method is most effective only for Windows 7 users.

As you begin, ask yourself if you want Rapid Storage Tech on the next date. If you think ‘yes’, turn it off right where it starts. Later, re-enable it on the next date as long as you require it with this same method.

  • Use the keys Windows + R. This will allow you to open the Run dialog box.
  • Now, to go to the system configuration window, type msconfig and press Get in .
  • Scroll down until you find the Intel Rapid Storage technology . Tap to uncheck it, then click the Apply button and then press okay . It is recommended to keep your main antivirus software on while you are doing this step.
  • Now, restart your PC. As a result, the boot should be faster after doing all these steps.
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Method 2: Remove Intel Delayed Launcher from Startup Programs in Task Manager

This method is most effective only for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users

If you have access to either of the two operating systems mentioned above, method 1 would not prove to be effective. As you do so, you go to the task manager. Just try following the steps given below to disable Intel Launcher with lag:

  • Open your task manager using the keys Ctrl + Shift + Escape .
  • You will get a dialog box with an expansion icon that says More details . Just touch it.

  • Look for the tab beginning .
  • Move down and Look for the delayed Launcher. Now to choose it, tap it once. You should notice that its initial impact is high. Therefore, the start time will be extended.
  • You will see in the lower right corner, a button Deactivate . Click on it.
  • Now, restart your PC. As a result, boot should be faster after doing all these steps.
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How to uninstall Intel Delayed Launcher

What if you feel like completely uninstalling the Intel Delayed Launcher? There is also an option! If you want to completely uninstall the Intel Delayed Launcher, or Rapid Storage Technology, the steps turn out to be very simple.

At first, you should return to change your drive to SATA from RST RAID , All this from BIOS.

The next step is to go to “Disk controllers” and then search for RST drivers and uninstall all drivers for RST. You can perform these steps with the help of your programs and functions window as well.

Last words

You should know that sometimes Intel Delayed Launcher may not be the cause of the boot time delay. Just think twice as you want to disable the Intel Delayed Launcher. You have to decide wisely.

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