How to download and install Windows 11: step by step instructions (ISO)

In this article, we will share How to download and install Windows 11 with step-by-step instructions. You can find the Windows 11 ISO or Windows 11 Image file and use it to download and install Windows 11.

Even though Windows 11 will be shown only on June 24, there are already desktop screensavers, interface screenshots, and, most importantly, a merged image of the new operating system on the Internet.

Here is our complete review:

Windows 11 Review: What’s new and is it worth updating?

Initially, assembly number 10.0.21996.1.co_release.210529-1541 was spotted on the Chinese forum, but thanks to enthusiasts, you can now download the ISO file from many resources. And although this assembly is intended for developers, which means that there are many bugs in it, the OS is working well enough to appreciate the new interface and capabilities of Windows 11.

⚠️ Important: it should be understood that installing this version of the operating system can entail many problems (not all applications work), and it can not be run on all PCs (TPM 2.0 encryption module is required), so this can be done solely at your own peril and risk. Moreover, it is better to install the OS on a secondary drive instead of the main system.

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How to download Windows 11 (Windows 11 Iso)

You can download the ISO image (4.5 GB) UserDrive | AndroidHost | UploadRar | Gdrive Link | AnonFiles | Ufile | Direct or finding any other convenient resource for downloading the file. If you decide to use this link, you can also use Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) to speed up your process or you can also connect the Free Download Manager add-on, which increases the download speed several times. 

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How to install Windows 11

Before installing the operating system, you need to go through the preparatory stage – clean the disk on which the OS will be installed, find a USB flash drive that will act as the installer, and download the UltraISO utility. After that, you can proceed with the installation:

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer;
  2. Open UltraISO;
  3. Open the “File” tab, go to the “Open” item, and select the downloaded image in the window that appears;
  4. Select the “Bootstrapping” tab and click on “Burn disk image”;
  5. Select a USB flash drive and complete the process of recording the image;
  6. Restart your computer by going to BIOS (F2 or Del on your keyboard);
  7. Go to the Boot menu and put the flash drive in the first place in the queue or boot from it;
  8. Go through the simple installation process of Windows 11 (you need to click “Next” or occasionally enter personal information);
  9. After installing the OS, remove the USB flash drive from the computer.
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