How to download paid games and apps for free

There are thousands of good games and applications in the Google Play Play Store, but unfortunately the best ones are downloaded for a fee. In this article, we decided to tell you in detail how and in what ways you can download paid games and paid applications on Android for free.

Cancellation of purchase

The first method is to buy a game and then cancel the payment (not to be confused with the standard method). To do this, you need to go to your personal account, open the order history and select the reason for the refund. The best option is “The purchase was made by accident”, but you can choose another item (see photo).

Cancel a purchase on Google Play

attentionBy the way, in this way you can return money for in-game purchases. In most cases, the payment is returned, but the game currency remains.

To do this, find the purchase you want to return in the list and click “Report a problem”, in the window that appears, select the reason for the return. The easiest way to indicate that the purchase was made by accident, but you can choose other options.

warningAttention! Please do not overuse this method as Google Play Support may refuse to grant you a refund.

Blackmart (Black Market)

The second way is to download games not from the official Google Play, but from the Blackmart analogue application (Black Market – Black Play Market). This program has a very interesting feature – all games and applications presented in it are absolutely free. Black Market’s design is simple and convenient, which makes it as easy to use as a real Play Market.

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  1. Turn on “Allow installation from third-party sources” in your device settings.
  2. Download Blackmarket or BlackMart from the official website
  3. Install and run the Black Market.
  4. Find the application you want using the filters and click “Download”.

Hacked Google Play

The third method is more complicated and is carried out using a hacked Play Market, which you can hack yourself or download an already hacked one. In order to hack the Play Market you will need root rights, BusyBox installer and Lucky Patcher app.

If you have all this, then follow the further instructions:

  1. Launch Lucky Patcher, open the “Tools” tab and click “Install Modified Google Play”.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open Google Play and buy any paid app.
  3. Then we press the button “return payment”.
  4. The payment was canceled and the app remains on your device.

warningRemember, you can get your money back for purchasing an application in this way only once and within 15 minutes!

To create a modified APK of a downloaded game or application:

  1. Open up Lucky patcher.
  2. Select the application you want.
  3. Then the “Patch menu” item and click the “Create modified apk” button.
  4. Next, select “Apk with cut license”.
  5. In the next window, check the first two boxes and click “rebuild application”.

Lucky Patcher is an Android game and application patcher with ad clipping and license checking functions. Also, the program has the ability to clone APK and replace the original Google Play Market with a hacked one, to run “pirated” versions of the software.

Also you may need an installer BusyBox which is available for download in Google Play.

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Legal ways

And in conclusion, we will tell you about honest and legal ways to get paid software for Android for free. If you do not want to get root rights or hack, then try using these tips:

1. Discounts and promotions – prices in Google Play are constantly changing and sometimes developers arrange sales. For convenience, you can use special programs AppSales or Best App Sale that automatically track and notify you of new discounts and promotions.

2. Alternative – to search for similar programs, you can use the site. Just enter the name of the utility you need in the search bar, and then filter out only free ones in the results.

3. App of the day – install the application AppGratis or MyAppFree and learn about new applications that became free for a day.

4. Amazon Underground – use the Amazon app store. The peculiarity of this market is that Amazon makes one of the names completely free every day to promote it. In addition, various promotions and sales are periodically arranged, within which whole sets of really valuable and worthy programs receive free status.

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QuestionWhat methods do you know to download paid games for free? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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