How to enable DirectPlay in Windows 10

In this world of busy lives and hectic schedules , the games they are the greatest relief to get rid of tension. Windows users have many options when it comes to gaming. However, sometimes users have to face some problems while playing their favorite games, especially older games. In this case, they may experience a DirectPlay error . Here in this post, I will demonstrate all the information on how enable DirectPlay in Windows 10 to run outdated games . After reading this guide, you will learn what DirectPlay is and how to deal with related errors.

What is DirectPlay in Windows 10?

DirectPlay is a outdated API library which was a component of older versions of DirectX . Nevertheless , Microsoft dropped DirectPlay in favor of Games for Windows Live . Since DirectPlay is now obsolete, it is no longer required for updated Windows games. But, DirectPlay is still very necessary to run games before 2008 on Windows 10. As a consequence, some older games will not run without DirectPlay on Windows 10 enabled.

If a game or application requires DirectPlay on Windows 10 enabled, a window appears saying: » An application on your PC requires the following Windows function: DirectPlay ». If you faced such a problem while trying to start your favorite game, you are a victim of the DirectPlay error. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this article.

How to enable DirectPlay in Windows 10

I have broken down the process of enable DirectPlay in Windows 10 to run outdated games and deal with DirectPlay errors on four parts : 2 required and 2 optional .

The obligatory ones are (i) Install DirectPlay and (ii) run the game in the Mode Switch Compatibility of your antivirus software, while the others if the (iii) Disconnect antivirus software , and (iv) use program compatibility. I will explain all these parts in step by step tutorials simplified. Just follow the steps and you will learn how to enable DirectPlay in Windows 10 to run the outdated games. Let’s start.

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Install DirectPlay (Required-1)

Follow these steps to install DirectPlay on Windows 10:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R to access the dialog Run . Scribe Control Panel on it and press Get in .

Step 2: In Control Panel, click the option Programs and characteristics to open the uninstall utility.

Step 3: Now click on Turn Windows features on or off present on the left side panel.

Step 4: Locate and double click Legacy Components to expand it.

Step 5: Then check the checkbox DirectPlay .

Step 6: Now that you have installed DirectPlay on Windows 10, reboot his system.

After doing this, move on to the second part.

Run the game in compatibility mode (required-2)

Obsolete games will experience various issues when trying to run on the latest version of Windows, so you must run them on the Compatibility mode . This mode will allow the game to use settings from an older Windows operating system. Follow these steps to run the game in compatibility mode:

Step 1: Open the File Browser from the taskbar and go to the file where is the boot file of the game (game.exe) . For instance, we will choose PocMon.exe here.

Step 2: Right click on PocMon.exe (Launcher file) and choose Properties in the context menu.

Step 3: Now switch to the tab Compatibility to open compatibility settings.

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Step 4: Then check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for see box from Verification present in compatibility mode.

Step 5: Then choose one older Windows platform at dropdown menu . Go for the Windows operating system which was the last platform when the game was released.

Step 6: Also, check the box Run this program as administrator too.

Try playing the game now. If you can play it without any problem, you can stop reading this article, but if there is a problem, go to the next part.

Turn off your antivirus (Optional-1)

This part is optional . Has to do this only if you face the error code 0x80073701 while trying to install DirectPlay on Windows 10. The cause of this error is that your antivirus blocks DirectPlay , so you must temporarily disable it. If you have already installed it, you can proceed directly to the third part. Follow these steps to disable your antivirus:

Step 1: In first, right click on the taskbar and choose to open the task manager .

Step 2: Switch to tab Beginning to open the list of programs included in Windows startup.

Step 3: Now select your antivirus program and deactivate it by pressing its button Deactivate .

Step 4: Next, reboot your computer and try install DirectPlay now.

Now that you have successfully installed DirectPlay in Windows 10, proceed to the next part.

Use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter (Optional-2)

You can use the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter to resolve any existing compatibility issues while playing the game. Follow these steps to use the Troubleshooter:

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Step 1: In first press the button Cortana in the taskbar, and then enter the keyword » compatibility »In the search box.

Step 2: Now choose Run programs created for earlier versions of Windows to open the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Step 3: Then click Advanced and choose the option Execute as an administrator .

Step 4: Then click the button Next .

Step 5: Next, select game you want to run from the list, or select Not listed and then click Next and press the button Examine to choose a game to fix.

Step 6: follow the instructions that appear in the Troubleshooter correctly and fix all existing problems.

Done. Now you can play your favorite games that are out of date on your Windows 10 computer.


The situation can be a bit difficult when your favorite games stop working due to outdated ones. DirectPlay, which is now deprecated as well, may be your savior in this case. You can enable DirectPlay in Windows 10 and run the game in compatibility mode to play outdated games even on Windows 10 computers. The process can be a bit long, but it is very simple if you break it up into parts. These were the step-by-step tutorials for all parts of the process.

Now you can enjoy your favorite games without having any problem. For more help, you can visit the thread official of Microsoft related to DirectPlay. For any query , doubt or suggestion , feel free to visit the Comment box and comment on their words. Hope I have helped you run the outdated games with the help of DirectPlay in Windows 10.

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