How to enable full screen mode in Chrome?

The full screen mode in Chrome is fast with shortcuts and you can also activate it using the different tricks in your web browser

The Chrome web browser is a faster Internet browsing tool used by millions of users around the world. And in addition to its performance features, it has built-in features to make it easier to use, such as: Quick navigation shortcuts to the search bar, downloads tab, history, zoom, web inspection tool, and similarly the full screen mode on Windows, Android, iPhone and Mac

Here in this article I will explain to you how to enable full screen mode in Chrome on different devices

Maximize the monitor screen size:

When you switch the monitor to full screen mode, we are less distracted by the menu, toolbar options, and other applications or software running simultaneously.

Therefore, you have the option of scrolling down the web page to access it in its entirety.

How to activate full screen mode in Chrome?

1) Open Chrome full screen on Windows PC

Trick 1: Chrome full screen shortcut

Switch Chrome to full screen mode on Windows PC (desktop version) using the “F11” button on your keyboard On a laptop, F11 may have assigned a different task, you need to press “fn (function key)” + F11

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-> Chrome has included the full screen toggle switch in the options menu, -> so navigate to the options menu (three dots) in the upper right corner-> click on it, to see the drop down menu, here you can see full screen mode.[ ]”Similar to this-> Click on the sign to instantly activate full screen mode

To exit full screen mode, press the “Esc” button on your PC.

2) Turn on Chrome full screen mode on Android


In today’s era, all websites are designed to load with the best readability on smartphones and tablets, that is, compatible with mobile (or responsive) devices. You even have the option to “Zoom” with your fingertips to drag the entire length of the screen.


-> Android smartphone has “Desktop Site” function for full screen mode

-> Only tab in the “Options” menu like Windows PC Chrome

-> From the options listed, click on ‘Desktop Site’

-> In a second, you can see the full screen of the website in Chrome

3) Get full screen on Mac Chrome

Mac PC has several options for Chrome full screen mode, you can choose any of the following:

Tip-1: Click on the green dot to enable full screen mode,Tip-2: Use shortcut key: Ctrl + CMD + F for Chrome Full Screen

Tip-3: Choose the “Zoom” function from the menu and slide the “%” from 100% to the highest number to fit your MAC screen.

4) Chrome full screen on iPad or iPhone:

First of all, try the Android “Trick-1” as mentioned on your iPhone and if you still can’t get it, open the ‘Chrome’ web browser, visit the web page you want, go to the “Top Right Menu”, click on “Request”. desktop site: wait for “Full Screen” to appear

Exit Chrome full screen:

Almost all the devices mentioned above have a feature to enable Chrome’s full screen mode. So that you can easily get the full visibility of the web page

Once you are done with the full screen mode task, you can exit Chrome Full Screen using:

  • “Esc” for Windows
  • “Ctrl + CMD + F” or click the “Red” button on Mac PC
  • IPhone and Android users can simply close with the usual way of closing the app

If in case the above mentioned tricks are of no use, you can access the entire web page with the “Print” option by downloading the web page in PDF format.

Chrome photos and videos full screen mode

Besides the web page, you can view the media files such as photos and videos in

To view the photo in full screen mode, you can right-click the image and open it in another browser tab, then zoom until it is visibly clear

Videos embedded in any web page can be viewed in full screen mode with the quick tab under “[]”In the lower right corner

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