How To Fix Ds4Windows Not Detecting Driver Error

Often times, some games are better played with a controller than with the keyboard and mouse combo. So DS4 is a Windows tool that allows your PlayStation (Dual Shock 4) controller to disguise itself as an Xbox controller that can be used to play games on Windows OS. But sometimes the DS4 does not recognize the connected controller.

This error keeps popping up after the recent Windows update and many users are facing problems as they cannot connect their drivers.

Well, in this article, I will show you the best possible ways through which you can correct the error and continue your gaming session without any inconvenience.

What is Ds4?

A DS4 is a Windows tool that allows your PlayStation controller to disguise itself as an Xbox controller. It allows you to easily connect your PS controller by tricking the system into believing that the controller is an Xbox controller. But due to some new changes in the Windows operating system, the DS4 does not work until the user reactivates it manually.

What causes windows Ds4 not to detect the driver error?

There may be some minor issues due to the Windows DS4 driver error that does not detect.

Some common reasons for this error to occur are

  • Recent Windows update – The latest Windows update may be a possible reason behind DS4’s failure to detect the driver.
  • Faulty controllers – Due to controller malfunction, the DS4 may fail to detect the connected controller. This problem can be easily solved by simply reinstalling the drivers
  • Faulty configuration – Sometimes the DS4 can accidentally disable the driver used in the Windows operating system.
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How to fix Ds4Windows not detecting driver error?

Here, I will show you the best possible ways on how to fix Windows DS4 not detecting driver error in Windows 10.

Follow the methods listed below to correct the error.

1.Download the DS4 again or update it.

  • Download the file DS4Windows of Google.
  • You will get a .zip file. Unzip it and you will get two files inside the folder.

  • Click on DS4Updater.exe
  • Click on Yes to allow the app to download the latest update if necessary.
  • After the update, a message containing ‘DS4 Windows is up to date’ will appear on your screen.
  • Now close the DS4 updater and restart the Windows DS4.
  • The device will appear under the Drivers tab.

If this method doesn’t work for you, then your DS4 is probably already up to date. So, follow the other methods given below.

2. Edit registry entry for the controller

  • After connecting the controller, close the DS4 Windows
  • Go to Control Panel and select the option Hardware and sound

  • Then go to Devices and printers

  • In the Devices section, right in the option ‘Wireless Controller’ and select ‘ Properties ” .
  • Click on the ‘ Hardware’ and in the HID-complaint game controller in the list of functions of the device .
  • Click on the details and then select ‘ Hardware ID ‘ from the drop-down list of ‘ Properties ‘.
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  • Copy the first three entries in the Values ​​section
  • Now press Windows + R and type regedit and click OK
  • Expand ‘ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ‘in the list to the left of Registry Editor. Then expand ‘ System ‘, later ‘ CurrentControlSet ‘, later ‘ Services ‘, later ‘ HidGuardian ‘ and later ‘ Parameters ‘.
  • Double-click the file ‘ Affected Devices ‘in the section on the left.
  • Copy and paste the values ​​into the list and click ‘ To accept ‘.
  • After doing so, restart your PC.
  • Click on DS4 Windows and connect the driver.

This method will fix the problem with the DS4 error.

3. Enable Hide DS4 Controller option

The DS4 sometimes recognizes two controllers instead of one and gets confused from where it should take input. This results in the inability to detect the driver error. Good, but DS4 has useful features that allow you to hide the DS4 controller

  • Open DS4 Windows
  • Click on ‘ Setting’

  • Look for the option ‘ Hide DS4 ′ controller and click on it .
  • Click on the tab Controllers
  • Plug in your controller and now the controller should appear in the Ds4 window.

4. Uninstall the driver

  • Go to the control Panel
  • Click on the option Hardware and sound.

  • Click on Devices and printers.

  • In the Device section, look for the option Wireless controller and right click on it and click Properties .
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  • Find the option of HID complaint game controller on the Function of the device and click Properties .
  • Click on Change settings . A new window will appear
  • Find Uninstall device and make click on it
  • Click on To accept to confirm and close the DS4 windows
  • Open the DS4 windows again
  • Now plug in your controller and check if the DS4 recognizes the controller

5. Check if the driver is enabled on your DS4 or not

Sometimes the Windows update can cause this error which disables the driver from being recognized by the DS4. So manually enabling the option could fix the error or you. Here are the steps.

  • When your controller is connected, open DS4
  • Right click on the start menu and go to Device administrator

  • Expand the Human Interface Devices option and click the HID Claims Controller option.

  • Click on the Enable Device option among the listed devices
  • Now close Device Manager and go back to DS4

The driver should now appear in the Drivers tab in DS4


These are the possible ways you can get rid of DS4 windows not detecting the error of controller . I hope you have been able to clearly understand and take the steps to correct the error.

If the issue is not resolved or you are having difficulty understanding or performing any of the steps, feel free to comment below.

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