How to fix Minecraft native launcher cannot be updated

Minecraft it is one of the most popular games among gamers. It is an open world game that takes place on a dynamically generated map platform. The game is constantly updated, so finding bugs is a common problem. One of these common mistakes is inability to update error of Minecraft Native Launcher . Players complain of the inability to upgrade or play while they come across the error. The error shows Unable to update Minecraft Native Launcher before the start of the game.

What is it that the Minecraft Native Launcher error cannot update?

Since Minecraft is updated regularly, the launcher may carry some bugs, which will prevent it from updating the new versions. This could be due to the launcher update rolled out in January.

Many players have encountered this bug recently, preventing players from updating the game and playing it. But, in this article, I will show you some methods on how to fix the error and play the game peacefully.

What causes U nable update the error of Minecraft Native Launcher ?

Due to the constant updates of Minecraft and Windows 10, it is inevitable that some errors will appear. It is because of the launcher updates that were rolled out in January or because the antivirus on your Windows 10 PC is preventing the download.

Note: Sometimes antivirus is the main reason behind this error as it blocks the internet access of the launcher.

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If your internet connection is slow, the launcher will not be able to download the update.

How to fix the error Cannot update Minecraft Native Launcher?

Here, I will show you how to fix the error Unable to update Minecraft Native Launcher on your PC with the necessary steps.

Note : Since the game is updated regularly, your Windows 10 should be up to date as well. So before trying all these methods, update your Windows 10 to get the best possible results.

These are the steps on how to update Windows 10-

(if you are sure your window is up to date, go to the methods given below to fix the error)

  • Press the Windows on your keyboard and click the option Setting

  • Then go to the option Update and security .

  • On the Windows Update tab, check if the Windows update is available for your device. If yes, click update.
  • Once the update is done, click on install updates.

  • After installation, it is recommended to restart your PC and let the update take effect.

Note : Before restarting, make sure you have closed all applications and saved all data.

Once Windows is up to date, follow these steps to correct the error.

1. Repair Minecraft on Windows 10

Sometimes applications show errors due to some corrupted or broken files. It is quite common for files to get corrupted over time. But, there is an option in the Windows Programs list that allows you to repair the application that has corrupted the files. Follow the steps below to correct the error and play the game.

  • Press Windows + R
  • Scribe appwiz.cpl
  • Find Minecraft Launcher in the application list and right click on it.
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Let the system repair it and then try to start the game.

2. Disable your active antivirus

  • Try disabling the antivirus on your Windows 10 PC and then launch the game. This could fix it because sometimes the antivirus blocks the update.
  • Open the antivirus running on your PC.
  • Disable the option ‘Real-time protection’ in your antivirus.

Note : This method is dangerous as it is vulnerable to virus attacks once you disable the option.


include on the White list Minecraft antivirus running on your PC.

3. Download a new copy of Minecraft from an external link

Downloading a new copy from an external link could fix the error as the launcher cannot update the new version of the game. This has solved the problems for many users. If your internet connection is slow or weak, the launcher will not update and therefore it is best to download it from an external link.

  • Click to go to the Minecraft site.
  • Download the game and see if it works.
  • Otherwise, press the option ‘ Try an alternative download ‘which will be below the button Download .
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  • Download and run the file.

This will fix the launcher problem.

4. Delete old Minecraft files from your computer.

  • Open the File Browser pressing Windows + E.
  • Scribe % AppData% in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Find Minecraft and delete the folder.
  • Launch the game now and check if the game starts.
  • Deleting the application data will force the game to update to the new version.

5. Solve compatibility problems

  • Click the search option in the taskbar and type ‘Run programs’ .
  • Click on ‘ Run programs created for the previous version of Windows’.
  • Press next and select the application you want to fix.

  • Select a troubleshooting option: use the recommended compatibility settings or select the compatibility settings yourself.

This method will solve the problem by fixing the error and informing you if the problem is fixed or not.


Here are the best possible ways to fix the Minecraft native launcher error cannot be updated. I hope you have been able to clearly understand and take the steps to correct the error.

If the issue is not resolved or you are having difficulty understanding or performing any of the steps, feel free to comment below.

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