How to force the application or game to use Nvidia GPU or integrated graphics

Most desktop and laptop computers come with two graphics cards: dedicated GPU like Nvidia or AMD, and an integrated graphics unit if the motherboard has one. By default, an application or game will use the dedicated GPU if it exists. But some games will still use the integrated graphics despite having a dedicated GPU. This guide will show you how to switch between dedicated GPU or integrated graphics for any application or game in Windows 10. You can also use this guide to force any application to run on integrated graphics instead of dedicated GPU.

Force an app or game to use dedicated GPU or integrated graphics in Windows 10

This method works mainly on computers laptops only. For desktop PC, scroll down to the next method. You can still try this method on your desktop PC. It will work as long as both GPUs can be seen in the options, which we will show later.

In Windows 10, there is a feature that many people do not know about that is extremely useful if you have a dedicated GPU and integrated graphics on your laptop. If you want to force Chrome, Firefox, or literally any app or game to use dedicated GPUs (like Nvidia or AMD) instead of integrated graphics, or the other way around, this is how you can select a GPU for an app to run. graphics in Windows 10.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and then select Screen settings .
  2. In the right pane, scroll down to find and click Graphics Settings .
  3. On Choose and app to set preferences , select Classic App and click Examine . Then find the exe file for the application or game you want to force to use a GPU.
  4. Once selected, click the application and then click Choices .
  5. On Set graphics preference , select an option based on the GPU of your choice.
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Integrated graphics, usually Intel HD Graphics, will generally appear as Power saving GPU , while your dedicated GPU (Nvidia or AMD graphics cards) will generally be the High performance GPU . Simply select a graphics preference to force the application to use the integrated graphics or dedicated GPU of your choice.

If both GPU preferences list the same Nvidia or AMD GPU, as there is currently no way to change the GPU listed in the settings, try the next method.

Force any game to use Nvidia GPUs or integrated graphics

Another way to force an application or game to use the GPU of your choice is to add the “Run with graphics processor” option to the context menu of when you right-click on any application or game. This option allows you to select the GPU of your choice, be it your main Nvidia GPU or integrated integrated graphics, when you right-click on the application or game you want to run.

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To enable the option and add it to the context menu, open the Nvidia Control Panel . From the menu, click View, then activate the option that says Add the option “Run with graphics processor” to the context menu .

After enabling the option, you should be able to see the option Run with graphics processor by right-clicking on the shortcut of any application or game. You can then select Nvidia GPU or Integrated Graphics to run the selected application.

Run with graphics processor option missing

If you don’t see the option to add Run with graphics processor to the context menu in the Nvidia Control Panel, it is likely that your GPU chipset does not support Nvidia Optimus technology. Optimus technology enables the Nvidia GPU to take effect when needed. To check if your Nvidia graphics card supports this technology, go to this page . It has a list of all GPUs that are compatible with Optimus technology.

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Also, make sure you have the correct and latest driver installed for your GPU. Older drivers and outdated versions of the Nvidia Control Panel may not have the option.

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