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How to get an invite to Clubhouse on Android for free: distribution from users to users

The popularity of Clubhouse led to the fact that the Internet was flooded with scammers and simply selfish people selling invites to this new social network. All such options for receiving an invitation to the service are extremely dubious. Still, there is also a more reliable way – it is free and does not require installing any mods, entering passwords on suspicious sites, and the like. This scheme is already being used on the Internet, and I decided to implement it on Treshbox.

How the circuit works (basic principle in a nutshell)?

Generally speaking, people get into a virtual queue. When the first one on the list receives an invite, he throws the invitations issued to him to two other users in order – they, in turn, send 2 more invites to downstream people, and this chain works continuously.

I will not be encouraging: the above are ideal conditions – in reality, they can be worse, described below in the “Pitfalls” section. However, you need to understand that this is the only option to “bypass the system”: there is no way to get into the Clubhouse without an invite.

Step by step: How to get Clubhouse on Android invite for free?

Step 1. Download Clubhouse (only US residents can download it from Google Play now, but the application installation file can be easily found on the Internet) and register on this site (this is necessary to leave comments).

Attention: Clubhouse is only available for Android 8.0+ – if the version of the system on your smartphone is lower, you won’t be able to install Clubhouse.

Step 2. Go to the comments section under this article and write that you need an invite. Important: create a new comment, do not reply to someone else’s.

Step 3. When it comes to your turn, the previously invited person will respond to your comment with a request that you write your phone number to him in the inbox (personal messages on this site). At the moment, only people from the phone book can send invites to the Clubhouse.

Step 4. Go to the profile of the user who wants to invite you and create an inbox with him. In it, provide the phone number that you indicated when booking an account with the Clubhouse. Important: indicate the phone number with the country code: +7 for Russia, +38 for Ukraine, etc.

What to do when received an invite?

The above system works only on people’s interaction: when one receives an invite, he must pass it on to the other two – only thanks to this, the scheme functions. Therefore, when you receive an invitation to the Clubhouse, your conscience should prompt you to continue the chain of invites and not forward them to your friends.

Step 1. Please find in the comments below the person who needs an invite but to whom it has not been sent yet. Comments are displayed in chronological order from oldest to newest – look for those who first asked for an invite (so that the virtual queue is respected).

Step 2. In response to his comment, please write a message asking him to indicate his phone number with the country code in the inbox with you.

Step 3. Add the user’s phone number to your phone book on your smartphone (don’t forget the country code) – this is a necessary step to send the invitation. You can later delete his contact.

Step 4. Go to the Clubhouse, click on the letter icon in the upper panel of the main page and find the contact of the person you need, then click on the Invite button next to him. Detailed instructions on how to send an invitation to the Clubhouse are in a separate article.

Step 5. Unsubscribe in the comments that you sent an invite to a specific user (in response to his message) – others will understand that he already has an invitation.

The pitfalls of this scheme

The main nuance is that Clubhouse sometimes provides new users with not 2 invites, as it should be by default, but one. In other words, a person can invite not two new ones, doubling the speed of propagation of the chain of invitations, but only one. Sometimes (apparently, selectively within the framework of security), the Clubhouse does not provide new people with an invite at all – this happens extremely rarely, but it does happen.

Another nuance is that unscrupulous people can interrupt the chain as soon as they receive their invite without sending the invitations to other users in turn. In such cases, you need to wait until someone who has already received an invite comes to the site.

Do not forget about the Clubhouse rules: if a user is blocked for inappropriate behavior, then the social network can also ban the person who invited him. Unfortunately, you cannot protect yourself from this in any way. But there is good news: the social network rarely blocks someone.

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