How to Get Free Downloads for your Android App

Today, big budgets are laid in the promotion of mobile applications. But, you can optimize your expenses a little and get the first installations of your game or application for free.

Why cheat installs

The number of downloads is the most important factor in the quality and popularity of an application. First of all, the increase in installs is necessary in order to promote the application in the search rankings. The more downloads, the higher the game is in the issuance rating and attracts more new users.

Pros of cheating downloads

  • Getting to the TOP with motivated installs will help you find your target audience and monetize your app faster.
  • The stream of paid installs helps to maintain high positions in Google Play search for a long time.
  • Motivated users can rate the app highly or write a good review.
  • An application that is frequently downloaded will hang in the recommended ones from competitors.
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Cons of cheating installs

  • Without supporting the flow of motivated installs, it is easy to fly out of the TOP.
  • Artificial traffic can be useless if users don’t log into the app after downloading.
  • Motivated installations will not promote an application made for a narrow circle of users. Only advertising and word of mouth will help here.

How to wind up downloads for free

As a rule, such services are paid, but some promotion services on Google Play make trial installations completely free. At the moment, there is a promotion on one such site: 90 free installations for new applications with less than 100 downloads on Google Play.

But, there are several conditions for this:

  • Your app must have no more than 100 installs on Google Play (free installs are offered only for new apps).
  • Your app or game must be free.
  • This function can only be created once per application.

To take advantage of the offer you need:

  1. Register on the site
  2. Add a link to your Android application in the Google Play Play Store.
  3. Go to the “Free installs” section and select your project. Additionally, you can select the required GEO and OS version, as well as indicate whether you need positive ratings and comments from the performers.
  4. Click “Start”. Pay $0 from the internal balance.
  5. Within a few hours, 90 people will install your application for free, and 1-3 days after installation, the performers will leave a few positive reviews and ratings on the application page in Google Play.
  6. After the completion of the company, you will receive a detailed report on each performer, which can be downloaded from your personal account.

App2Top Is a service where you can order installations for your application on Android and iOS for just 3 rubles… The service is engaged in increasing the number of installations and promoting Google Play and the App Store in search.

If your application is not listed, then possible reasons may be:

  • The number of app installations is more than 100.
  • The application is paid.
  • The app has not been released.
  • The promo has already been used for this app by you or someone else.
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If you know other sites that also have free trial installations, please share them with other users by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

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