Since June 1, Google has closed the possibility of free uploading photos and videos to its Photo service in unlimited quantities. You have to pay for a subscription-only 15 GB of storage is available for free from now on. On this occasion, an article was published on the site on how to get around the limitation by buying the original Pixel on a used market or AliExpress. However, there is a more budgetary and interesting way. Any smartphone with Root rights is suitable for him.

Turning any smartphone into the first Google Pixel XL

The only smartphones on which unlimited downloads of photos and videos in original quality are exclusively available are Google Pixel and Pixel XL – we will emulate them. All subsequent Pixel generations have less attractive plans – unlimited is available, but for “high quality” photos, not originals.

Method # 1: module for Magisk

The easiest method, which requires only root rights and the Magisk app on the device. Downloading archive via smartphone (available via direct link or at the end of the article). Open Magisk, go to the fourth tab, “Modules,” click the “Install from repository” button. Find the downloaded archive in the opened explorer, select it. After successful installation, the application will prompt you to restart the device. We agree. We are waiting for the completion of the process. Done. After the reboot, go to the Google Photo application and see a message about the available unlimited plan.

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Method # 2: manually copying the configuration file

Technically, this method is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that the Magisk app is not required. Download the file to a smartphone with root nexus.xml (available via direct link or at the end of the article). For example, through a file manager, MiXPlorer, we move the file to the directory /system/etc/sysyconfig. We hold our finger on the file in the new directory, open the menu, find the Properties item and click on the Permissions line. Make sure the parameters are set there 644 (rw-r – r–). Otherwise, we change them. We save and reboot the smartphone.

After all the procedures, and the unlimited download should appear in Google Photo. If it doesn’t, clear the app cache and try again.

How reliable is it?

This method can work indefinitely as long as Google does not impose restrictions on the owners of the original Pixels in the future. In addition, the module may stop working on future versions of the Magisk application (if any). However, the manual method should remain relevant if Android does not change any mechanisms.

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