How to hide the taskbar in Windows 10

The feature of hiding the taskbar on machines with Windows operating system has been around for a long time. Just to be precise, this feature was around since the Windows XP days. But, many of them who belong to this generation do not know that such a feature exists. Just because the taskbar contains your favorite and most used software doesn’t mean it should be visible all the time, does it? You may have seen it disappear when you play Do you want to know how to hide the taskbar in Windows 10 when you are only using the desktop ?, then you are in the right place.

You can find methods to hide the taskbar permanently and temporarily.

What is the “Auto Hide Taskbar” feature?

We don’t keep clicking the taskbar all the time when we are in front of our desks, we use it only to access a piece of software and then revive it when it is minimized. As the name of this feature suggests, the taskbar auto-hide feature is an option provided by Microsoft on its Windows operating system that does that the taskbar is hidden or slides down when it is not actively used.

The taskbar will reappear when the user moves the mouse cursor to the bottom edge of the screen.

Once you move the cursor away from the edge of the screen, the taskbar will automatically disappear / hide. There are two solutions for this, one is a temporary solution and the other is a permanent solution. Both are presented below as two methods to hide the taskbar in Windows 10.

How to automatically hide the taskbar in Windows 10 [Temporal]

For all Windows 10 users, the process is very simple to hide the taskbar on the desktop. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you are good to go with this cool feature from Microsoft.

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Step 1: navigate to the bottom of the screen and right click on the taskbar.

Step 2: Select the option to be called » Taskbar Settings «.

Step 3: Now the dashboard will open Setting and you will be presented with many options. Of all the options mentioned on the page, you can find two options that read: » Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode »And another that says:» Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode «. You can select the toggle option present just below the options to hide the taskbar in the respective modes.

Step 4: Once you have done that, you can see that the taskbar will be hidden automatically. This is how you hide the taskbar in Windows 10.

Now that auto-hide the taskbar is enabled, congratulations. Now you can access the taskbar simply by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen / screen and the taskbar will reappear automatically.

If you want to get the fixed taskbar back, all you have to do is repeat the process of going to the taskbar settings panel and selecting disabling the options that you have previously enabled.

Permanently hide the taskbar in Windows 10

The method described above is mostly temporary hiding because the taskbar is displayed normally when the mouse cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen . If you are someone who does not want the taskbar to be visible even when the mouse is moving towards or pointing towards the bottom of the screen, then we have to make use of third party tools.

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There is no option in the Windows 10 operating system that allows you to disable or hide the taskbar permanently on your desktop or laptop. We will have to use third party applications designed for this purpose.

Choosing the right software to perform a particular task is a tedious task for a user. That is why we have solved it for you. We recommend that you use this software which is called Taskbar Hider . It is one of the best tools out there to accomplish this job of hiding the taskbar permanently in Windows 10.

This software allows you to apply keyboard shortcuts to enable and disable taskbar visibility. So you can turn on visibility when you need to use the taskbar in just one second using the keyboard shortcut. When you’re done using the taskbar, you can simply repeat the action on the keyboard to hide the taskbar again.

Let me show you what the interface of this Taskbar Hider app looks like, which hides the taskbar permanently in Windows 10.

As you can see from the image above, the keyboard shortcut to enable or disable can be configured based on the user’s intention. There are two combinations of options provided, one regarding the button Windows and the other with respect to the button Ctrl and Shift . Both options can be combined with any password that the user likes. After selecting the options, all you have to do is click the button To accept .

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The best part of using this software is that You don’t even see the taskbar even when your mouse cursor is at the bottom of the screen. One thing you need to keep in mind when installing and using this app. That is, you must enable the option » Charge to Start Windows »So that applications run automatically as soon as you start your desktop.


So if you were someone looking for ways to hide the taskbar while gaming, or to hide the taskbar in full screen or just to hide the taskbar from each screen, then this article should have helped you.

The methods they use to disable or hide the taskbar in Windows 10 are really easy to implement. The two methods mentioned above have completely different use cases and also the use is based on preference. Choose the method that you think best suits your needs as a user. The first method will give you access to more screen real estate and you can use the space to its best use. But the sad part is that the method can be called only as a temporary taskbar hide, as it reappears when the mouse is moved to the bottom of the screen.

The second method, on the other hand, is more of a permanent solution to hide the taskbar in Windows 10. Using third-party software like Taskbar Hider can be helpful if you really want to hide the taskbar forever on your desktop.

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