How to install Minecraft Mods

Are you a gamer? It is not possible for any player to know about Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft, a favorite of all gamers that can be played on Windows and Mac OS and also on smartphones. The game not only allows people to play, but also allows players to introduce themselves in the game by adding Mods in the game. All they need is creativity and good programming skills. So today I’ll walk you through how to install Minecraft Mods.

But before jumping straight into the installation of Mods in Minecraft Forge, Let’s first get to know some basic things about Minecraft Forge. Because without install Minecraft Forge no you can install mods in minecraft. So, I will guide you step by step through this article and finally we will install Mods in Minecraft Forge.

What is Minecraft?

First things first, can there be chances that some of you don’t know what exactly Minecraft is? But I’ve heard a lot from various sources, correct? Then I’ll tell you about it.

Basically, Minecraft is a game full of adventure and fun. As said on the official Minecraft website:


What are Minecraft mods?

Yes, what are mods really? Everyone who plays Minecraft knows them and wants to install or even create Mods. So for the beginners who have not played Minecraft with Mods, I will explain it to you in detail. Basically Mod is a short form of mod. So a Mod in Minecraft is a feature that can make changes depending on how it is programmed. Not only can Mods change anything from one state to another, but they can also add new recipes to create, build new, or modify old creatures in the game and can alter the way the game is played by making it play in even more ways. drastic. Some Mods are developed to work behind the scenes, that is, backend to improve the running processes of the game, improve the game or even add some features like the virtual reality function.

Yes, it is possible to play without installing Mods. Since Mods, they are created by players who want to improve the game more in many different ways. Also, installing Mods in Minecraft Forge is like being reborn to the game with everything else.

How to install Minecraft Forge?

Before installing Forge for Minecraft, make sure you have installed minecraft already . Not only is it installed, but it should have been played at least once. So if you have already done this, which means you have installed all the necessary files for the program and Forge can now be installed.

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In case you want to create a Forge server then there is no need to install Minecraft or the official server software installed, the Forge installer already has all the server files contained. You can download the latest version of Forge by visiting the website: . Click the appropriate Installer button for your computer. This button will vary depending on your operating system:

  • Windows : click on the big windows installer to the left of the “Changelog” box under the “Download Recommended” section at the top of the page.
  • Mac : make click the little button Installer in Box form to the right of the “Changelog” box under the “Download Recommended” section at the top of the page.
  • Click Skip. After pressing the required file to download, on the next web page, you will have to wait 5-6 seconds and then click on the SKIP button visible in the upper right corner of the web page. After which, the download will start automatically or the option » Save File «.

What is your operating system?

The process of installing Minecraft Forge on Windows is slightly different from the installation of Minecraft Forge on Mac. So, we will go one by one for the operating system and you can select which one for your operating system

Installing on Windows

So after downloading the software on your Windows OS, now let me show you How to install Mods in Minecraft Forge for Windows? .

  • Open the downloaded installer, so we can start the installation process.
  • If you receive a pop-up message stating that you must install Java, go to and later download the software Java for install Minecraft Forge.
  • After installing Java, reopen the software Forge . On the next screen, click the option » Install client ».
  • Then click To accept.
  • Finally, the installation will begin and you will have your Minecraft Forge installed on Windows.

Installing on Mac

So after downloading the software on your Mac OS, now let me show you How to install Mods in Minecraft Forge for Mac? .

  • Let’s first open the downloaded Forge file. Double-click the file Forge Discharged . It is a file .jar.
  • Then do click on To accept If an error message appears, then click the symbol to resolve the error.
  • If you cannot find the Apple icon on the screen, it should be located in the upper left corner.
  • Just follow the 6 steps below if you get the error; otherwise, you can jump directly to the seventh consecutive step.
  • After pressing the icon Manzana , click on System preferences .
  • Then in the new dialog box, click the option Security and privacy .
  • Then, from the lower left corner of the window, click on the icon of the padlock .
  • That needs admin access and you may need to enter the password for administrator to go further.
  • In the same window, in the lower right corner, click on the option Open anyway.
  • Click on the tab general on the top, yeah Security and Privacy does not show the option » Open anyway «.
  • Then click the button » To open” .
  • Make sure you have selected the option » Install client »Before continuing.
  • If you are prompted to install Java, first click More information … in the pop-up window, click Download under Java, click the Java .dmg file, double-click the Java .pkg folder, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Then check if the destination location where the program will be saved is correct or if you want to change, then click on the browse option.
  • Make click on To accept to begin the installation process.
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How do you choose a Minecraft mod to use?

Choosing a Minecraft mod can be difficult as there are so many out there. Choosing a Minecraft mod is a matter of personal preference, as it really depends on what you want to change about Minecraft. If you’re totally new to modding, then the best place to start is by checking out a list of the best Minecraft mods available, or visiting a trusted source for mods. The best way to find out which Minecraft mod to download and install is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What would you like to add or change about Minecraft?
  • Are you interested in purely cosmetic changes or do you want major changes to the game?
  • Do you just want new recipes to create, or do you want to experience a new adventure or world?
  • Since the set of mods to choose from is so large, there’s a good chance that if you think of something you’d like to do with Minecraft, you might be able to find a mod that can help you.
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You can even refer to YouTube to check out the best new Mod that suits your gaming tactics. This could have given the answer to your question: How to choose a mod in Minecraft? for now. So, choose a Mod that you like and proceed to the next step where I will explain » How to install Mods in Minecraft Forge? ».

How to Download and Install Minecraft Mods

There are few sites that can be considered as the best sites to download Mods and resource packs for Minecraft Forge: wiki list , Planetminecraft and ResourcePack . Mods or resource pack you download from these sites are genuine and would be available in formats .zip , .rar or .jar . Once the download is complete, copy the files to the / Minecraft / mods folder

The steps to get to the folder mentioned above are:

  • Press the key Windows + R with your keyboard and then type % AppData% and press Get in .
  • Select the folder Roaming and in that folder open the folder Minecraft .
  • You can see the folder Mods in the dialog box appeared.

After downloading, copy the files to the mods folder and the Minecraft game, when it starts, Forge will check the folder and look for any new files added.

You must add the resource packs opening the game Minecraft and in the game go to Options -> Resource Packs and open the resource pack you downloaded.

You can also install Mods without installing Forge, but as I said, Forge would give you the best gaming experience and all these Mods are mainly developed considering Minecraft Mods as the main game, although it is not.

Run Minecraft and enjoy mods

It is time to play! You can also change the game based on your assumptions or imaginations and share them with others creating mods for Minecraft . Also, it will stand out when you share your own Mod with others.

Also, keep in mind that each Mod has different controls and interfaces, so always read the ones beforehand. instructions Coming with Mod – Instructions should primarily be on the original Mod website or included as text files in your downloads. Let me know by commenting below in case you have any issues when install the Mod in Minecraft Forge. Also, share your own Mod link in the comment below.

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