How to install the official Clubhouse on Android: step by step instructions

On May 9, 2021, Clubhouse developers finally released an Android app. However, there were some restrictions: at first (which may take several weeks), only US residents can officially download the Clubhouse from Google Play. Fortunately, the Clubhouse installation file for Android has already been published on the Internet, which can be downloaded by residents of any country without a VPN and other dances with a tambourine.

How to download Clubhouse on Android?

The only limitation that you need to pay attention to right away is that Clubhouse is available only for Android 8.0 and above… If the version of the operating system on your smartphone is lower, then the Clubhouse will either not install or will not start.

To check which version of Android on your device, go to the system settings. At the very bottom, find the section “About phone” and find the item “Android version.”

Step 1. Download the Clubhouse installation file from here.

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Step 2. Run the downloaded .apk file and start installing Clubhouse.

If you download an application from the Internet for the first time, the system will inform you about the need to remove the ban on installing programs from unknown sources. In Xiaomi smartphones, you can immediately go to the desired settings item and activate the switch:

On devices from other manufacturers, you may need to find the switch yourself: go to “Settings,” find the item “Security,” and turn on the “Unknown sources” slider.

Step 3. If you did everything correctly, Clubhouse would be installed on your phone. However, this social network uses an invite system: to complete the registration, you must be invited by someone already in the Clubhouse. If none of your acquaintances is in the Clubhouse, the fastest way to get an invite is by distributing invitations from users to users.

How to install the official Clubhouse on Android: step by step instructions

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