How to open the Control Panel in Windows 10 (updated)

Where is the Control Panel in Windows 10 ? This post will show you how to open the Control Panel in Windows 10 easily using cmd as administrator, through Windows Search or Cortana, or through Windows 10 Settings, for both safe mode and normal mode in Windows 10.

Windows 10 offers a variety of useful features and an improved interface. This includes the introduction of Windows 10 settings which meant replacing the old control panel. The fact is that the Control Panel is not removed, it is only hidden from the main navigation, as Microsoft is trying to encourage users to get used to the new Settings.

Well, that certainly doesn’t mean that we no longer need Control Panel. It is still very common that we find some tutorials or error correction guides that require access to the Control Panel in Windows 10. In fact, some settings can only be seen in the Control Panel and are not available in the new Settings.

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How to open the control panel in Windows 10

Via Windows Search or Cortana

This should be your attempt to open the Control Panel in Windows 10. Go to Windows Search or Cortana from the start menu. Write exactly the words Control Panel . Then it should appear in the search result.

In some rare cases, the control panel will not show up in Windows search. If that’s the case, use the following method.

Through settings in Windows 10

If searching in control panel doesn’t work, you can try searching for it in Windows 10 settings. Go to start menu. Click on the Settings icon that looks like a gear icon at the bottom left of the menu.

In the Settings window, type control panel in the search form. The dashboard should be displayed directly from the search suggestion.

If the control panel does not appear in the search in Settings, try the next method.

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How to open Control Panel in Windows 10 using CMD

The most technical way to open the control panel in Windows 10 is through the command prompt. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Seeks cmd .
  3. Right-click the command prompt from the search result and select Execute as an administrator .
  4. Scribe control panel and then press Enter.
  5. This should open the control panel immediately.

If even this method doesn’t work for you, there must be something wrong with your Windows 10. We recommend that you run a system file check and full virus scan using your antivirus software.

The system file check can automatically find and repair missing or corrupted system files in the Windows 10 operating system. To run the system file check, follow the steps above to open the command prompt. Make sure to run it as administrator because the command can only be run when you have administrator privileges. Enter the following command: sfc / scannow . Sit back and wait for the process to complete. Restart your computer and try to open the Control Panel in Windows 10 again.

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