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How to open the desktop version of Google on mobile devices, iPhone, iPad or Android

If you open Google Search from an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device, regardless of the browser app you’re using, be it Chrome, Safari, Opera, or any other built-in mobile browser, by default you should see the mobile version of Google Search. This guide will show you how to open Google Desktop version on mobile devices , iPhone, iPad or Android.

Well, Google Mobile search has a more attractive interface and provides a better overall user experience than Google’s desktop view on mobile devices. However, Google Mobile search is not always the best option in some cases. Sometimes it offers different search results than Google’s desktop search mode. If you prefer to use the version of Google Desktop on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or Android devices, here we show you how to switch to it in your browser.

Google desktop version on mobile devices

Google Search on mobile devices used to have a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to switch to the desktop version of it. For a few times, the link was removed. We can see how much Google wants us to use their mobile search as they remove the only way to switch to your desktop version of Google on mobile devices.

However, we can use our browser application to force the page to load in desktop view mode on any web page. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

How to open the desktop version of google on iPhone or iPad

Assuming you are using Safari to browse the web, follow the steps below to open the desktop version of Google on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the Safari app.
  2. Click the button Share .
  3. Scroll right until you see Request desktop site .
  4. Tap to enable it.
  5. Now, try visiting again in Safari.

It should now open as a desktop version of Google on iPad or iPhone. You can use the option Request desktop site to open any website or web page you want, like Facebook, in desktop mode. Safari will force the page to load as if you were browsing from a desktop computer.

How to open the desktop version of Google on Android mobile devices

There are many different browser apps on the Android market. They will usually have an option to force load the web page on the desktop version. We will particularly focus on the Chrome application. Here’s how to open the desktop version on an Android mobile device with the Chrome app.

Open the Chrome app on your Android device. Click on the three dots icon usually in the upper right corner of the screen to open the Chrome options menu. Scroll down until you see an option called Desktop site . Click to enable it.

Then try opening Google search again. It should load into the desktop version of Google on the Android mobile device.

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