How to Remove Built-In Applications

It’s no secret that when you buy a new Android phone or tablet, a lot of standard games and applications are already installed in the device. As a rule, most of the preinstalled programs are marked as “system” and are not uninstalled in the usual way.

For owners of expensive models with a large amount of memory, this will not create inconvenience, but for owners of cheaper budget devices, it can be a serious problem. Since, due to the large number of unnecessary applications, there may be a shortage of system or RAM, which in turn will lead to “braking” and “freezing” of the device itself.

In fact, you can uninstall standard applications on any android device. But since these applications are part of the firmware, you will need to remove them:

  1. Ruth is right (administrator rights) – if you do not have them, then the instructions for obtaining root can be read here.
  2. File manager – the most convenient for this Es Explorer or Total Commander, but you can use another manager, the main thing is that it is with root rights support.
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Instructions for uninstalling standard applications

Below is an instruction for an example application Es Explorer.

We will not make a description for each individual manager, since the removal process is identical and differs only in minor details.

Es File Explorer is a free file manager for android devices with root rights support.

1. Install the application.

2. Provide access to root.

3. In the settings, find and enable “Root Explorer”.Enable root explorer

4. Go to the “System Apps” section.

5. Check the applications you want to remove.

6. Click the “Remove” button, and then “Uninstall” (the updates will be removed first, and then the APK file itself).Delete standard

7. Remove leftover files from the / data / app section.Remove residual files

warningIt is not recommended to uninstall system applications with the “green android” icon, as this may disrupt the operation of the device. Only remove applications such as: Gmail, Google Maps, Google Plus and so on.

Question And in what way did you remove the built-in applications? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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