How to set up a VPN in Windows 10

A virtual private network (VPN) offers a number of benefits to ensure that there is both security and anonymity. Establishing this type of network on a computer is a simple process.

Windows 10 offers a simple configuration solution. Each configuration process will vary depending on the operating system in place. Once Windows 10 is known to be the operating system, it is all a matter of choosing the best provider.

Setting up a VPN in Windows 10 can be an easy process. Understanding the steps will enable users to have improved communications on the computer.

Configure the VPN

To set up a VPN in Windows 10, it will be necessary to establish an account with a provider. There will be several plans to choose from based on how long the plan will last. You can pay by the month or choose a 12 or 24 month plan. Longer plans will provide more affordable monthly rates, although they are billed annually rather than monthly.

Once the account is set up, it will be possible to connect all the devices to that account. This ensures that smartphones and tablets can be configured with the VPN provider in addition to the computer running Windows 10.

The next step will be download Windows VPN in the computer. When downloaded, it will automatically install into Windows 10. There will be a few steps that will need to be completed to finish the setup.


You will need to log in to the VPN account that was created. Once you have logged in, the VPN provider will ask for more information, including identifying the optimal location.

The “Connect” button will locate the best server to obtain the desired speed level. So, it will show that the VPN is connected to the computer.

Choosing your location is critical as a VPN will offer anonymity. It will also allow you to avoid various local restrictions. If a person wants to register on a website that is only available to residents of the US or the UK, for example, that country must be selected in the settings, even if that is not their primary country of residence.

At any time, the location can be changed to suit the desired level of anonymity. You can also set a list of favorite servers. Static IP servers will also be available to ensure the same IP address is obtained every time.

Completing the setup will not take long in Windows 10 because it is already configured to accept a VPN. However, instead of making a manual VPN connection, it may be advantageous to download software from a provider to take advantage of more benefits. It also avoids the need for manual configuration, which can be a time-consuming process.

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Take advantage of the benefits

Once the VPN is in place, it can be used at all times. The benefits of a VPN they provide much more than security.

The most common benefits include:

  • Remote access
  • Cheaper tickets
  • Ability to avoid restrictions
  • Anonymity

Security ensures better online security, keeping your browsing information and history private from hackers, phone operators, and even the government through DNS leak. The data will be encrypted and the IP address will be masked to ensure that no one knows the physical location of a computer user.

The VPN will also provide fully encrypted statistics to the ISP to ensure that the user’s personal information and full record are not visible.

Also, with remote access, one person has the ability to work from anywhere. The VPN is accessed remotely to ensure that a person can be productive based on where they need to access data.

When buying flights and other travel tickets, it can be more affordable because airlines will offer better rates to specific locations. Affordable flight tickets can be achieved with a VPN because you can mask your specific location and choose an area where there is a lower cost of living. It can be advantageous to use with airlines, car rental companies, and other rental services.

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Restrictions can also be bypassed. For example, many streaming subscriptions are only available in specific locales. The IP address will be hidden to avoid current restrictions in order to overcome geography and take advantage of greater Internet coverage.

Finally, there is a level of anonymity that is achieved by using a VPN. Websites and web applications can be accessed without an ISP or anyone else finding out what those sites are. It allows more freedom for a person to use your Internet services without fear of someone finding out what you are doing.

Sign in to another Windows 10 device

Once an account is set up with a VPN provider, it will be possible to use that login on other devices. It will be necessary to download the vendor software on the specific device. When the software is downloaded and installed, the same basic steps are followed to log into the account and choose a location. When it comes to a shared device, the person should log out of the VPN software when they are done with the computer.

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