How to uninstall Chromium browser [4 methods]

Are you seeing Chromium on your list of installed programs? Well, Chromium is one of those programs that gets installed every time you install certain software on your Windows. Discover different ways on how to remove or uninstall Chromium Browser from Windows 10, 8 and 7.

There are many ways to remove chromium, you can follow any method on our list to remove it.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is Google’s statutory web browser and an open source web browser developed by Google developers. It is written in C, C ++, Java, Java script, Python. It was released in 2008. Its source code was also released to the public through the Chromium project. Chromium source code may be freely used, modified, or copied for use in other programs. It was issued under a BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license.

The Chromium project was launched to improve web browser technology and provide a better web experience for users. Provides a safe and simple browsing environment to users.

CHROME IS NOT A VIRUS, it is similar to chromium, but hackers can modify the application with the wrong intentions. You can collect your valuable information. It is often misused and classified as potentially unwanted software (PUP). Chromium can replace Google Chrome by uninstalling the Google Chrome browser. It displays a lot of advertisements on your computer screen and comes with unwanted extensions. Chromium can change the home page and search engine on your computer. You can simply modify your Internet browser settings without your knowledge.

Chromium cannot be downloaded from any specific website, instead it can access your computer by clicking on unwanted ads and through malicious websites that can harm your computer. It continuously tracks your internet browsing activity and generates disruptive advertisements. Some of these advertisements can lead you to infectious sites that may contain malicious content. Clicking on such ads can lead to serious privacy concerns.

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When Chromium is downloaded from any unwanted source, you will face the following symptoms:

  • You will get the Chromium browser installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent.
  • Chromium will change the default page of your existing web browser.
  • The built-in search box will change.

What is the difference between Chromium and Chrome?

Unlike Chrome, Chromium is an open source web browser that was released with Google Chrome. Chromium basically gave birth to Chrome. There are many features that are similar in both browsers, but there are many features that are absent in Chromium.

Some of the main differences are given below:

  • There is no Flash player in Chromium, while Chrome is integrated with Adobe Flash Player.
  • Chromium cannot update automatically, but Chrome can update it through Google Update.
  • There is no installation license agreement for Chromium, but for Chrome, there is one.

How did the Chromium browser get installed on your computer?

The Chromium browser connects to your computer through a marketing method called » Bundling «. In the package, a software is bundled with any spyware, adware, or any type of malware that enters your system while installing the software. The user may not get the authority to refuse to install the malicious component that enters their system with the software. It can infiltrate your system without you knowing.

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To avoid the installation of potentially harmful components, the User should pay attention to the installation process. Malicious components are often hidden in settings “Personalized” or “Advanced” . The bundled softwares are usually infected and the user should pay full attention when installing the software. They should not rush the installation process, skipping the main steps that can result in the installation of malicious content on your computer.

The high rate of spyware, adware, etc. to enter your computer is through the installation of third-party software. Therefore user should avoid installing third party softwares / applications or downloading softwares / applications through any unknown website.

So if you have Chromium on your computer, it is better to remove it.

How to remove or uninstall Chromium from Windows 10?

We already discussed Chromium and how it gets on your computer. Now we will learn some effective ways to completely remove or uninstall Chromium from your Windows computer in a few simple steps.

1) Uninstall Chromium directly from the control panel

Step 1: left click the start button once to open the start menu .

Step 2: scribe Control Panel in the search bar.

Step 3: left click on the control Panel to open it.

Step 4: Find Chromium and left click on it once.

Step – 5: left click on Uninstall once to uninstall Chromium successfully.

2. How to remove and delete Chromium user data and settings

Step 1: open the start menu by simply left clicking the start button once.

Step 2: scribe Folder options in the search bar.

Step 3: open the Folder options by left clicking on it.

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Step 4: left click on tab Watch .

Step – 5: now click on Show hidden files, folders, or drives .

Step – 6: now we have to open

    • Me computer / computer
    • Click on Local disk (C 🙂
    • Users open
  • To open ( Your username )
  • Click on AppData

Step – 7: search for Chromium in folders local or mobiles . Delete Chromium from any of the folders.

You can also type chromium in the search bar and discover the associated files. Delete all those files.

3) Remove Chromium through the All Programs / Applications list:

If you want to remove Chromium through all programs / app list, please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: left click once on the home button to open the start menu .

Step 2: click on All the programs (in Windows 7 or lower) or click the button Applications (on Windows 8 or higher).

Step 3: seeks chrome.

Step 4: right click on Chormium and then left click uninstall from the dialog to successfully uninstall Chromium from your computer.

4) Remove suspicious extensions from Google Chrome

Step 1: click the option Personalize Chrome in the upper right corner of Chrome.

Step 2: left click on option More tools .

Step 3: Now, left click on the option Extensions from the dialog box.

Step 4: Now look for all malicious or suspicious browser add-ons. Once you find them, click the button Remove .

These methods will surely help you remove Chromium from your computer. If you are still having trouble uninstalling Chromium from Windows, please comment below. We will help you.

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