How to use Windows Pen and Ink in Windows 10

As a new feature introduced by Windows 10, Pen and Windows Ink are the tools that are dedicated to make various operations easier in Windows 10. For better use of pen, Microsoft provides you an extended pen compatible with Windows 10 i.e. Windows Ink. Workspace.

With Windows Ink Workspace, as long as you have a pen connected in Windows 10, you can access the different features of Windows Ink, such as sticky notes, drawing pad, and screen sketch. On the other hand, your Pen in Windows 10 will run smoother if you have enabled or activated Windows Ink Workspace.

This post concentrates on making it clear how to customize or use Pen and Windows Ink in Windows 10. Of course, it is also essential to teach you how to let Windows Ink Workspace start in Windows 10.

How to customize the pen in Windows 10?

Generally, if you are using a Pen on Windows 10, it is inevitable that you will encounter numerous issues with the Pen and Windows Ink as they are closely associated with each other. In most cases, you need or just want to adjust Windows pen and ink settings on devices.

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1. Click the button Beginning and choose Setting .

2. Select Devices from Windows Settings.

3. Navigate to Windows pen and ink , change or customize the settings of the Pencil .

For Choosing which hand to write with the pen, you can set the right hand wave left hand.

Here, for example, if you are left-handed, there is no doubt that you should choose the left hand.

For him visual effect , it means you can choose whether to display the written content or not.

For show cursor , it is suggested that you turn it off so that the cursor appears whenever your Pen approaches the screen.

For Ignore touch input when I’m using my Pen, when you are typing, you can avoid palm influence by turning on this option.

For Show handwriting panel when not in tablet mode and no keyboard attached , once activated, the handwriting panel will be displayed in the notification area.

Here, you can also change Windows Ink Workspace settings, such as Show recommended app suggestions .

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At this point, it is sure that you can use and configure Pen and Windows Ink in Windows 10. But if you still have no idea how to enable Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10, the advantages that Pen and Windows Ink offer are not accessible. you too. So go ahead to make more settings about Windows Ink Workspace.

How to enable Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10?

As mentioned above, if you want to use or efficiently use the connected Pen in Windows 10, it is a must for you to turn on Windows Ink Workspace. In this way, obey the below guide to start Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and choose Show the Windows Ink Workspace button . The taskbar is usually set at the bottom of the desktop.

You can then see Windows Ink apps such as sticky notes, sketch pad, and screen sketches. And if you have opened the option that shows recommended app suggestions, you can also see the suggested apps.

As for the different apps in Windows Ink Workspace, it is suggested that you try to use them according to their features.

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If you want to use any of them, just click on Windows Ink Workspace.

With sticky notes, you can write a note to remind yourself of something, such as appointments or events or phone numbers.

With sketch pad , you can draw a line with the ruler or represent something you like, since there are various tools for drawing. It is no less than you need to draw on paper.

With Screen Sketch , the best and most unique thing you can do is take a screenshot. For example, if you want to highlight a point on a web page or in a document, it is a good choice to complete it with the help of Screen Sketch in Windows Ink Workspace.

From the above analysis, it is evident that from this tutorial, you can learn how to use and customize Pen and Windows Ink settings in Windows 10. And in the meantime, you are proficient in enabling and using Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10.

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