Today, June 18, Hyundai officially announced that its hydrogen fuel cell subsidiary HTWO would participate in a sporting event for the first time in history. To this end, the company’s engineers presented their latest generator, which will demonstrate its capabilities in the increasingly popular Electric Touring Car Racing series of circuit races. It should be noted that this is the first racing series in the world, which was created specifically for electric cars. In fact, this is a kind of platform where large companies can show their new technologies in a competitive mode.

And this year, Hyundai decided not only to put its team on the ring races of cars without internal combustion engines but also to provide the necessary infrastructure with the help of mobile charging stations. All participants in the circuit race will recharge their electric cars from the HTWO brand generator, which runs on hydrogen fuel cells. According to company representatives, this generator is capable of generating up to 160 kW of electricity, which is enough to, for example, simultaneously charge two racing cars on electric power plants in just an hour.

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Hyundai also noted that potentially hydrogen generators have many use cases – mobile options can generate electricity in those locations where there is no access to the power grid due to difficult terrain. Moreover, the same generators can be used as backup energy sources in a power outage. And the competitive ETCR circuit racing for HTWO developers will be an excellent platform for testing new products that are likely to be very actively distributed in the future.

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