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Review of Budget Plastic Headphones Razer Kraken V3 X

Razer’s Kraken headsets can be considered truly iconic, with various modifications produced for over a decade. An integral feature is an ergonomics – maximum relief for comfort in hours of gaming sessions. Does the updated version comply with these covenants? Razer Kraken V3 X – let’s find out.

Appearance and ergonomics

I associate Kraken headsets with a defiant style, thanks to the bright colors – acid green or pale pink. The redesigned Kraken V3 Pro retains its distinctive exterior features but is only available in strict black. Liberty is allowed in the backlit logos on the cups. This is Razer’s most affordable backlit headset with Chroma sync support.

4 modes are available for backlighting. My choice is a static white glow at 15% brightness, so the headset looks as strict and expensive as possible.

The case is completely plastic. Even the headband guides are made of it. The material is quite thick and moderately elastic; stiffening ribs are provided in the right places, so the structure feels reliable. But in the long term, I would like to see a metal frame, since the plastic “gets tired” faster and most likely cannot bear a fall from the table.

I want the famous, but cheaper.  Review of budget plastic headphones Razer Kraken V3 X - Appearance and ergonomics.  3

Plastic has an advantage – lightness; Kraken V3 X weighs only 285 grams. This is a chic figure for a full-size headset with wraparound ear cushions. The fit is tight but not squeezing the head. On the back of the headband, there is a cushion trimmed with a leatherette. Combined with the extendable headband, all this turns the Kraken V3 X into a versatile headset for girls, teens, and large men. Confused only by the lack of smoothness of adjustment, the guides jam in some positions.

Combined ear pads: synthetic fabric adjoins the skin, from which the ears do not sweat, and the rest of the parts are sewn from the usual wear-resistant leatherette. Judging by the tactile impressions, there is no demolition of such ear pads. Moreover, they are removable and can be replaced after a few years.

Connection and management

Before us is a wired USB headset created for computers on Windows and PlayStation 4. The non-detachable 1.8-meter cable is hidden in a not very pliable rubberized braid with longitudinal notches. There is no place for Razer’s proprietary fabric braid. A nice little thing is a rubber clamp.

The controls are located on the back of the left cup. The stepped volume wheel adjusts the Windows system volume. And the spring-loaded microphone switch is analog. That is, it is guaranteed to disable recording.

Sound and microphone

It is based on 40mm TriForce dynamic drivers with more than discreet sound, even by the standards of computer headsets. You have to listen to the low frequencies. Mainly the middle frequencies are played out. The sound seemed to be insufficiently detailed. There is no sense of layering. The sound picture merges – this is the level of the initial computer headsets. I can only praise the USB connection, which saves from background noise.

There are no settings in the Synapse utility: no presets, no equalizer. To activate 7.1 Surround Sound, you will need to install any additional application and register the headset on the website. After that, an additional audio device appears in the system, which is not removed after removing all software related to Razer. An extraordinary complication for a USB headset, the authenticity of which is easy to determine by software. The effect itself is simple and, for my taste, does not justify all the necessary actions. Otherwise, Synapse is careful about PC resources. The total consumption does not exceed 200 MB of RAM.

The microphone is mounted on a flexible boom that maintains a preset position well.

The sensing membrane is directional and records only the player’s voice with minimal capture of ambient noise. A TV operating in the room, for example, does not get into the recording at all. The digital connection eliminates background noise from interference, the voice is clear.

Feedback after two weeks of use

After Kraken v3 x, there were extremely contradictory impressions. On the one hand, the headset is completely in line with the Razer style, which appeals to me, I received a good microphone, and at first, glance seems quite sturdy. On the other hand, the sound of 40mm drivers did not live up to expectations, and the plastic housing is likely to fail in the long term. It seems that in an attempt to pack a USB headset for 7 thousand rubles, Razer failed to find the right balance: you cannot save on reliability and sound.


  • Razer corporate identity;
  • Neatly highlighted logos on the cups;
  • Good ergonomics of the light body;
  • Fabric inserts on removable ear pads;
  • Natural sound from a directional microphone;
  • The volume wheel adjusts the Windows system level;
  • Digital USB connection without background noise and interference.


  • Completely plastic case without a metal frame;
  • Insufficiently detailed sound without accents.

May not like:

  • Rubberized cable sheath instead of braided;
  • Lack of sound settings in the utility.

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