What is Fast & Furious? Brian’s cheerful smile, Dominic’s heavy, squinting gaze, and many, many good cars. This recipe has worked flawlessly for over ten years (alas, now without Paul Walker), successfully bringing fans of the series together in theaters and beyond. Here, we have before us the ninth part of the fran … No, a bad word. Ninth Fast and the Furious. They don’t bother with the original names of each plot (the scourge of modern TV series), and this is good news.

One of the most famous phrases of Dominic: “Are we chatting or driving?” So, the ninth part immediately begins with the fact that Torreto is going. Not “Uncle Dom,” but his father Jack at the 1989 race. Alas, it ends sadly: an angry rival cuts Jack’s suddenly flabby car. Contact, blow, fire, death, pain of loss.

Fast forward to “our days.” A warm summer day, a cozy house, Dominic and his fighting friend are slowly managing their household. And then, suddenly, guests. Feigned calm is thrown off, the shotgun is in muscular hands, Letty twitches the pistol’s bolt, and the child runs into the closet by a learned route. Unexpectedly: friends have arrived. True, without gifts, there is no time for gatherings. It’s time to save the world. Bad Aunt Cypher, familiar to the viewer from the last episode, escaped from custody, simultaneously knocking the fancy plane to the ground. Having broken for the sake of three minutes of screen time and uttering a couple of phrases in the style of “a quiet life is not for us, and we are not for her,” Dominic and Letty go into another batch.

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The move with periodic flashbacks in Dominic’s youth turned out to be successful. The confrontation between the brothers is also well established, spiced up by periodic nursing care for stubborn tomboys. In his youth, Jacob was rather annoyed by the forced presence in the shadow of Dominic. But he is not without sin: an abundance of praise and success instilled confidence in his own righteousness and infallibility. After the tragic death of his father, several years in prison, and the revealed circumstances of a racing accident in 1989, the elder brother expels the younger one with the maximalism and categorical attitude so characteristic of the leaders.

A gestalt not closed in time, as usual, slowly but surely sharpens Jacob, encouraging him to win and seek recognition. And now, between the tropical vegetation and periodically interfering under the feet of some warriors, he, with a dashing wink at the elder, steals a piece of iron precious in maintaining the world order for the main villain of the ninth episode. More precisely, the villainess Cypher, who achieves her own goals, skillfully manipulates the thirst for primacy in a pair of underage boys.

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There is no point in retelling everything further: a movie for that and a movie to watch. Watching the film in one breath, more than two hours fly by almost imperceptibly. The flashbacks are very useful – you are just starting to get tired of Roman’s dashing pursuits or narcissism when the time machine turns on. Simple, without mind-boggling crashes and intricate intrigues, the story of the relationship between the two brothers touches more than 337 special effects and an understated Dodge Charger. The scene with space closer to the finale looks fantastic even against the background of complete disregard for the laws of physics.

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