Improved touchscreen support for Windows 11

As part of the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft showed features in its new OS, some of which are aimed at devices with a touchscreen display.

Now, instead of switching to tablet mode, the system adapts by making the icons larger. There are also new gestures, for example, to open the widget menu. When using the stylus in Windows 11, tactile feedback may be generated if supported by the device. Handwriting input has been improved. Besides it, voice input has been greatly improved – the system has learned to place punctuation marks automatically and supports special commands.

There is also a new on-screen keyboard: it can be “floating,” which allows you to keep it always at hand. The novelty is very similar to analogs from smartphones, both externally and functionally. Various themes are supported. There is swipe input, cursor control using the spacebar, as, for example, in iOS, not without emoji.

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