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In Russia, created an amphibious robot: it will help in the elimination of accidents

Yesterday, March 17, the CNews news outlet, citing its sources, reported that the Russian company Special Design and Technological Bureau of Applied Robotics had successfully completed the development of its latest multifunctional amphibious robot. Experts note that the new robot has a very impressive range of applications – for example, the device will be used to conduct search operations and eliminate the consequences of various natural disasters, fires and accidents at flooded facilities, in mines and even at nuclear power plants. Without the help of a robot, it would be quite difficult and extremely dangerous for a human rescuer to implement such search operations.

At the same time, all production is carried out on the territory of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, so advanced robots will be assembled right in the capital.

“In Moscow, the mechanical engineering industry employs about 200 enterprises, which, among other things, produce industrial and service robots, as well as robotic systems. Industrialists offer advanced solutions that can replace a person in heavy and hazardous industries,” said Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Investment and Industrial Policy Department.

We are talking, among other things, about the company “Special Design and Technological Bureau of Applied Robotics”, which managed to successfully localize its production in Moscow. And while the new amphibious robot is getting the most attention because it is capable of clearing flooded areas and doing a lot of other dangerous work, the company actually currently has as many as twenty different robot models in its arsenal that are applicable in completely different situations. But the main advantage of all these solutions is that a person can control the robot remotely without endangering himself when carrying out rescue operations in the area of ​​fire, flooding, and so on.

The specialists added that the new complex based on the amphibious robot can be used not only under water, which is quite expected, but also on land. To do this, it is enough for a human operator to connect to the robot via a wireless connection, after which, using a video communication system, control the process of completing tasks, perform search tasks and collect useful information. The company also noted that the robot successfully passed the test cycle in salt water, as well as at high doses of radiation, as a result of which the main characteristics of the device were confirmed – the amphibious robot can operate at a depth of up to four meters, carry up to 25 kilograms of payload (in including under water), and on land the device can be used to clear rubble after earthquakes, as well as for reconnaissance and search operations.

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