In the updated assembly of Windows 11, bugs and design flaws are fixed: a list of changes

Windows 11 preview received its first cumulative update. A new patch called KB5004745 from July 8 fixes the most common bugs and notable design flaws reported by many Windows Insider users over the past two weeks. After installing the update, the test build number will change to 22000.65 (previously 22000.51).

Major changes and improvements in build Windows 11 version 22000.65:

  • The Start menu now has a built-in search box designed to make it easier to find installed applications and other content.
  • The taskbar will now display correctly on external screens when using multiple monitors.
  • Updated system notification dialogs such as notification when laptop battery is low or when display settings are changed.
  • Power mode settings are now available on the Power page in the System section of the Settings app.
  • Right clicking on the desktop now has an “Refresh” option in the context menu without having to click on “Show more options”.
  • Right clicking on the .ps1 file in Explorer now has the Run in PowerShell option without having to click Show More Options.
  • For China users, searching for animations through the emoji panel is now done through China’s most popular GIF provider,
  • Right-clicking the volume icon in the taskbar now includes an option to quickly fix audio problems.
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Various common fixes:

  • Fixed the remote code execution exploit in the Windows Print Spooler service, known as the CVE-2021-34527 vulnerability;
  • Fixed a problem that prevented you from pressing the Show desktop button with a mouse by pointing the taskbar to the far corner;
  • Fixed a problem that may not have shown the preferred format when the date and time on the taskbar might not appear.
  • fixed a problem where you didn’t ve a thumbnail preview the app’s open window when you pressed the Escape key or clicked on the desktop;
  • fixed the problem, because of which the action of turning the PC into a portrait orientation and immediately back to the album could lead to the disappearance of icons on the taskbar, despite the availability of space;
  • Corrected memory leakage, which is noticeable when you use the print of documents on the C.I.A.;
  • Corrected failures in the work of “The Explorer” when using the Russian interface language;
  • Corrected the unreadable line of the “Conductor” title, where the name may have been displayed with low contrast;
  • Fixed a problem that could have blurred the icons in the Explorer context menu;
  • Fixed a problem that prevents testers from creating new folders on their desktops;
  • fixed the blurr display of open windows when you switch with the Alt and Tab key combination.
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The developers have also fixed some bugs in the Settings, Explorer, Search, and Widgets app. The full list is available in the original article on the official Windows Insider Blog website.

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